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    Do you "taste" the grapes at the grocery store?

    created by iKasey 29 days 6 hours 1 minute ago

    Category: World

    Do you "taste" the grapes at the grocery store?

    Good morning,

    I don't go to the grocery store very often (I have a meal plan at school) but when I do, I notice that women, especially, reach in and take a grape or two to "taste" them. Once in a while they buy the bag of grapes, most of the time they do not. My mom goes to 5 different grocery store every week, and she sees this at once each week. Is this stealing?

    I can understand wanting to know if you are getting a good quality product, but would you take an apple out of a bag and eat it to test the apples, or a potato chip out of a bag to see if you like them?

    My mom says she has seen moms take a banana off a bunch or a loose apple to quiet a hungry child, and since bananas and apples are sold by weight, there really is not a good way to know how much that is worth assuming she actually told the cashier about it so she can pay for it.

    When we were little, my mom never let us eat food that was not paid for, not even a grape. She always brought a zipper bag of Cheerios for us to munch on. Besides, the grapes are not washed, and who knows how many hands have touched them, EEWW!

    Do you "taste" the grapes at the store?

    Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Sunday!


    Re: Do you "taste" the grapes at the grocery store?

    I've actually never heard of that! I once saw a child eat a green bean straight from the pile that was being sold,and my mother said that that was like a form of theft. I honestly think that it's not a good idea, as the grapes aren't washed, like you said. When I buy grapes, I look at the color and how well they look, then put them in the cart to buy. As for mothers deliberately feeding their children with foods that aren't bought, that's a bad habit. I can only imagine that if they're caught doing that, they'd be accused of stealing, even if they're buying the batch. I say that your mother did the right thing in bringing along a snack from home.

    Re: Do you "taste" the grapes at the grocery store?

    Hey Kasey!

    I'm with you ,,, I don't "taste" the grapes at the grocery store! Of course, there is the eewwwww factor!! I think it was Bella that responded to one of my posts on washing produce before eating it ,,, she said she thinks about about the guy who scratched his butt before touching something that she ended up buying! Bahahaha and that is a possibility. But, I have never been one to sample or eat things while shopping.

    I have noticed Moms that do what you mentioned ,,, let their kids eat produce while they are shopping and before paying for it. I have even noticed that a few grocery stores have a sign that allows and even encourages parents to pick an apple or banana for their child. Although, I would assume bringing their own snacks, as you mentioned, would be a better option. However, I am not a mother and can't imagine walking around a grocery store with a toddler that was in the middle of a temper tantrum over a banana!!!! I imagine many mothers would pay a large amount of money for a single banana or apple if it meant the chance to finish the shopping and get out of the store without making a scene!

    I hope your weekend is going well,


    Re: Do you "taste" the grapes at the grocery store?

    Good morning, Kasey!

    Hey I am like you. Since I live in a dorm and have a meal plan I don’t shop very often. I’ve never seen anyone eat grapes or a banana yet. I imagine in time I will. I think trying a grape to see if they are sweet isn’t terrible. I’ve had some pretty lousy ones come home ha ha. But there is that gross factor that everyone is mentioning for eating fruit that’s not washed and thanks for the butt scratcher visual too! Lol.

    As for kids with tantrums at grocery stores, my mom told me that she’s literally walked out of a grocery store with an over flowing cart of food when me and/or my brother would have serious tantrums when we were toddlers. There was no stealing of the grocery food!

    I like your topic this morning!

    Have a sensational Sunday!


    PS - Go Browns! I hope they turn it around today!

    Re: Do you "taste" the grapes at the grocery store?

    Hi Kasey,

    Growing up this was not a strange concept to me. Everyone did it. Now that I’m an adult I agree and think it’s odd and kind of gross. Who wants to eat an unwashed grape? Ew!!

    Once I saw a mom give her toddler a potato to play with and by the time she got to the register it was all chewed up. She offered to pay for it but the cashier just let her go. I also have seen parents give their kids a bag of chips or box of cereal to much on in the store before they pay.

    You won’t cstch me doing any of this!

    Good forum :)

    Re: Do you "taste" the grapes at the grocery store?

    Hi Kasey,

    That is pretty gross. I always think the same thing about my produce. Who knows where their hands have been. I never had the urge to eat a grape, but if they try one I’m not sure if I would see it as a bad thing, but technically it is stealing. If there is no sign stating you may sample the fruit, then they are stealing.

    I’m pretty picky about my grapes and I get so excited when they are sweet and not sour, so sometimes I wish they did give out samples to taste them. I just pray I got a good bunch.

    Have a good day!


    Re: Do you "taste" the grapes at the grocery store?

    Hi Kasey,

    I do not personally taste grapes when I go into a grocery store, but I have seen many people do it. I worked in the produce department at Giant Eagle over the summer and I would occasionally see people taste the grapes. It is usually older women, but I've also seen younger men and women do it.

    I never said anything to any of them because I understand that sometimes the grapes are not very fresh and they don't want to spend their money on something that is no good. As far as stealing goes, my boss didn't care when people did it, but if someone was tasting an apple or a banana, that would be completely different!

    Nice post and have a good day!

    Re: Do you "taste" the grapes at the grocery store?

    Hey Kasey,

    I have seen a lot of people do this. The only time I've done it is if someone else picked one and gave it to me. It is a little gross when you think about it because they aren't washed.

    I do think it is stealing in a way but I have seen employees noticed and not say anything although once one did. Now I have seen some people who put a bag in their cart and eat out of the bag going through the store. And I feel this isn't right as they are usually priced according to weight.

    Only once have I let my son eat a banana in the store but I took it to the register first and paid for it.


    Re: Do you "taste" the grapes at the grocery store?

    Hi Kasey,

    I’ve never heard that with grapes, but it makes sense now. Personally I think it’s stealing so I wouldn’t do it. Today I saw these cotton candy flavored grapes for 7.99 a package. The thought of taking one and trying it so I wouldn’t have to buy the whole thing didn’t even come across my mind. I really wanted to see if they actually tasted like cotton candy, but since the price was so high to figured I’d just go without. I tell myself if I was fine before them I’ll be fine after, and I’ll still live.

    One thing similar is my parents unique friend would take a bite out of an ear of corn before he’d buy it. To me that’s more unacceptable since taking a grape doesn’t negatively affect the person’s purchase since you usually pay per pound. But diffing your dirty teeth into a strangers future corn on the cob is far fetched for me. This man was quite the guy and I’m perplexed by him still (for many reasons) to this day, years after he passed away.

    Good forum!


    Re: Do you "taste" the grapes at the grocery store?

    I never have done that.... that’s actually gross ewww