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    Carving Pumpkins?

    created by MorganP06 37 days 11 hours 52 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Carving Pumpkins?

    Good morning, friends!

    Do you carve pumpkins for Halloween? If so, do you go with the flow and free hand your design or do you use a kit? Also, do you cook or reuse the pumpkin seeds and guts?

    We are carving pumpkins this afternoon. This will be the first time for both of my daughters, so I am excited for them to experience it! I will be using a kit design for whatever my daughters choose.

    I am also going to attempt to cook as much of the unused pumpkin portion, as well.


    Re: Carving Pumpkins?


    I hope you have fun carving pumpkins today!

    I enjoy carving pumpkins but am horrible at it. I like to draw what I am carving on the pumpkin first and try to keep it simple. I love baking the pumpkin seeds and eating them. Last year I made both sweet and savoury pumpkin seeds. For the sweet, I used butter and brown sugar. For the savoury, I think I used curry powder and butter.

    Happy carving!


    Re: Carving Pumpkins?

    Good morning, Morgan,

    Yes at my house we still carve pumpkins. We have always carved them the night before Halloween. In the beginning, we used a kit to carve out designs. That was a lot of fun and they always looked super nice that away. As we got older, we have less time so we started going free hand with our pumpkins. It is still a lot of fun though! We can laugh at our imperfect designs ha ha. We also cook the seeds in the oven, which is always a treat. We'll eat them with hot apple cider on Halloween as we pass out candy to the little kids in our neighborhood.

    I hope you have a wonderful experience with your daughters! Take lots of pictures too! They will appreciate seeing this when they are older, trust me!

    Have a great day.


    Re: Carving Pumpkins?

    Hey Morgan,

    I haven't carved pumpkins in a long time. In probably 4 to 5 years. Last time I carved one I was dating someone and it was fun to do it together. I've been single for a while and honestly just buy a pumpkin and put it on my front step not carved.

    Maybe this year I will carve one with my niece since she is old enough to help.


    Re: Carving Pumpkins?

    Hi Morgan!

    Sounds like you're going to have fun with your daughters and pumpkins!! I remember carving pumpkins with my son when he was little, he thought it was so weird! Hahaha, I love kids! How do you cook the pumpkin guts? I have baked the seeds in salt before, but the guts were always something we threw out. I'd love to know if there is some way to cook that slimy goodness, it would be awesome to show my kids in school! :)

    I can't remember the last time I carved a pumpkin, but I think it was a couple years ago. I have used the kits they have at the dollar store that has a little stencil you're supposed to draw on it as a guide (like a tattoo); I have used the jagged pumpkin knife to free-hand a face, and I have even used a regular kitchen knife (don't ever do that!).

    I think the ones that came out the best are the ones with the stencils, just because they are more planned out and you can measure the way they will look on the pumpkin, before you start carving. Usually when I go right to cutting with the pumpkin knife, it looks weird because one eye is too big, lopsided, etc.

    Have you ever thought about opening the pumpkin from the bottom? It's more interesting too when you're opening it from the root!
    Have fun!!