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    Does having a VOTE CODE bother you ?

    created by animal lover 62 days 3 hours 45 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Does having a VOTE CODE bother you ?

    Hello CNEt,

    Does havung a vote code bother you?

    Would it be bettet if you could just vote with one tap?

    For me it took some getting used to. I do find it annoying sometimes to have to gind the vote code in my text. But overall I have gotten used to it. I think CNET used to let people just have one tap voting. Sounds like good times.

    What's your opinion?


    Re: Does having a VOTE CODE bother you ?

    Hi Julia,

    It does not bother me except when I type it in wrong and have to do it over again. (!)

    I think they switched it a few years ago because apparently there was a month where some sort of voting fraud took place so they had to make it more difficult to cheat. Good idea.

    Another case where a few make it more difficult for those of us who try to do things right............

    Thanks for the forum, and have a great day!


    Re: Does having a VOTE CODE bother you ?

    Aloha Julia,

    Admittedly, I do find it tedious. I get annoyed when I have to wait for the text to come in. Sometimes, it comes in right away, and other times it seems to take a few minutes. It's also kind of annoying when I'm cnetting on my computer and I have to go and find my phone to get the code. I get iMessaging on my Mac, so I wish it would just send to my computer texts, but it doesn't. When I am cnetting on my phone and the text gets to my phone, it is pretty simple because I can copy and text the code.

    Glad I'm not alone, Mahalo for your relatable forum,

    Re: Does having a VOTE CODE bother you ?

    Hey Julia!!

    YES!!! I absolutely hate the voting code. I don't understand why we can't just hit the vote sign and be done with it. Sometimes it can take 20 minutes before I even get the code and I have things I have to go do and I end up not getting to vote or just simply forget to go back on and vote. They could really figure out a better system. I appreciate you for this forum and letting me vent!!!LOL!!! COLLEGE NET DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT ABOUT THE VOTING CODE!!!!

    Have a great day!


    Re: Does having a VOTE CODE bother you ?

    I don’t mind the code but it is frustrating when my cell reception stinks. Which it usually does.

    Re: Does having a VOTE CODE bother you ?

    Its so annoying that I have to wait for a text, plus there have been times when I haven't had my phone near.

    I understand there needs to be verification, but I can't think of any other way, other than just the email. Isn't that verification enough??

    I second that, one step voting college net!!

    Re: Does having a VOTE CODE bother you ?


    I also think it is annoying, especially if I'm voting on my cell phone. The first letter is automatically entered capitalized and then the code doesn't work. Then I try again with all lower case but the code is longer valid. I have to go back and start all over.

    I would love if it was just a one-click voting system.


    Re: Does having a VOTE CODE bother you ?

    @Kathy, That sucks I didn't know thats why it was changed. Such a shame someone ruinied it for everyone.

    @Kat , I sit at my computer and forget my phone too. Or it's Charging. So I run and find my phone. Posting from my phone makes it the most simple.

    @Thankful, Yes ! It takes 20mins sometimes for me too. Then it will close and I have to start over agian. It can get annoying for one vote code. I doubt they will chnage it back.

    Great thoughts, I appreciate you cpmmenting

    Re: Does having a VOTE CODE bother you ?

    @Gina and Dan. Seems like you all have a similar opinion. The vite code should bw done away with. No one can have nice things anymore.

    @Slynch , The connection is the big part of CNEt. I hate when CNET takes forever to lpad etc. I feel yah

    Thanks for Commenting

    Re: Does having a VOTE CODE bother you ?

    Hi Julia,

    I don't mind it either, but it can be frustrating at times. It almost never seems to pop up at a specific time, so its a guessing game waiting for it. I've probably wasted hours by now waiting for voting codes. I wait because I'm bad at memorizing them, and flipping back and forth is a hassle. Once they pop up I carefully tap them and hold them until I'm done typing them out. If I accidentally drag them down then I get sucked into my messages and it is a nuisance to navigate back to CNet without accidentally closing it and losing all my hard work. It's a bummer that people cheated and now we have to use this system. However, its free money so I can't really complain.

    Thanks for the forum!