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    Writing in pen or pencil?

    created by danmod23 60 days 6 hours 22 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Writing in pen or pencil?

    Aloha CNET,

    Thank you to everyone who voted and participated in my forums to allow me to win a scholarship! I am so grateful!

    So today’s forum is about pens versus pencils. Do you have a preference between the two when writing? I love using pencils! I find when I write in pen my already sloppy handwriting becomes even worse. I feel like the ink allows me to slide over the paper and is easier to make mistakes. I think pencils probably a little more resistance and requires a little more focus and control.

    Maybe I have thought way too hard about all this? But just my preference. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!


    Re: Writing in pen or pencil?

    Hello Dan,

    I love writing in pen because its makes writing a lot smoother and I don't have to worry about making a mess.

    When I write in pencil, there's always smudges which makes the paper dirty and my hands would get smudges if I would lay them down on the paper.

    Also, in middle and high school, teachers would force us to write in ink which became a habit for me.

    Thanks for the forum and have a great day!

    - Unique

    Re: Writing in pen or pencil?

    I have always thought the same thing about myself you do think of yourself. I definitely prefer writing with a pencil though this is always an option. However, when I do have to write with a pen I always have my fine tip pen with me because it creates around the same amount of resistance as a pencil would.

    I don't think you're overthinking at all, we all have our preferences!

    Have a great day, Dan.

    Andrew M.

    Re: Writing in pen or pencil?

    Aloha Dan!

    I prefer pen. I hate the way pencils seem to make this scratching sound against the paper when you're writing. Pen's are neater and smoother too me and I CAN SEE what I'm writing...LOL!!! I also prefer to use the erasable pens for mistakes.

    Congrats on your win!!!! May you have many more!!!


    Re: Writing in pen or pencil?

    Hey Dan,

    I am team pencil all the way!

    Maybe it is the teacher in me! But, I love a nicely sharpened pencil. I am a bit of a pencil snob though! I prefer the Ticonderoga brand over all others.

    Have a great night!


    Re: Writing in pen or pencil?


    And I am the exact opposite of you. I love writing with pen, I think it makes my handwriting better! I just like the way they feel better than pencils when they write. But I will use a pencil if need be.

    Re: Writing in pen or pencil?


    I usually use a pen, and I rarely have pencils available.


    Re: Writing in pen or pencil?

    I prefer writing with a pencil because I seem to always mess up more when I write with a pen. But when I write with a pencil I usually don’t make any mistakes.

    Re: Writing in pen or pencil?

    Hey there!

    Pencils are notorious for leaving smudges on my hand but that's just part of being left handed. Pen is definitely my go to for writing but I dont completely neglect pencils though. Pencils are definitely more useful for drawing...and math...

    Have a goodnight!

    Re: Writing in pen or pencil?


    Since i am a nursing student we are required to use a pen for everything. But i enjoy using pencils because i can at least erase my mistakes. With a pen we can’t even scrible over our mistakes we only draw a line through it which is embarassing because anyone can see it.

    Have a nice night!

    Re: Writing in pen or pencil?

    Hi Dan!

    I prefer to write in pencil. For some reason, when I write in pen, my handwriting looks barely legible. I'm more prone to making mistakes when I write in pen, and as someone who often changes their mind, I sometimes have to cross out and re-write sentences entirely, which makes my work look really sloppy, and it makes me look stupid because it implies I can't follow through with a thought and communicate it effectively.

    Suffice it to say, it's no fun. :(

    Thanks for the forum! :)
    Have a wonderful evening.

    Re: Writing in pen or pencil?


    When I’m at school is when I always use a pencil because I’m always doing assignments and taking notes. Although, whenever I’m filling out important applications and forms I always use a pen.


    Re: Writing in pen or pencil?


    I think I write in pen more but love pencil for notetaking, as I often mess up. I love colorful pens to coordinate my planner and things in that manner. I also love to doodle with fine point black pins. Calligraphy is really fun to try with fine point pens as well.

    Have an amazing day!!