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    What airline do you fly?

    created by Wanderlust618 59 days 12 hours 35 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What airline do you fly?

    Aloha CollegeNet,

    What airline do you fly? Any preferences? Are you loyal to an airline or do you go with the one that is just the cheapest?

    Where was the last place you flew? What airline? Was it is a good flight? Any great or horrible experiences on board a plane?

    I often fly Hawaiian Airlines and I like their service and the fact that they serve you a meal still is nice. The last place I flew was Arizona and had a lovely vacation with my mom. I am currently looking at flights to Thailand and Japan for December and it is soooooo expensive! Travel is worth it though. I am trying to figure out a good airline to go with.

    As for a great experience I once had: I was going on a loooooong travel journey to Tanzania. It was Dutch Airlines and I slept through the meal. This kind and attractive male flight attendant brought me a meal when I woke up even though the meal service had ended. As I was getting off the plane he handed me a paper bag with something in it. At first I was excited but then I got worried as I'm at an airport and probably not the smartest decision to accept a possibly suspicious and unknown package from someone I don't know. Anyway, when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised that he had given me two small ceramic houses that held alcohol. These were items that Dutch airlines gives their first class passengers! I still have them to this day and I do have to say they are quite adorable :)

    What's you airline story? Who do you fly with?

    - Wanderer

    Re: What airline do you fly?

    Hey Wanderer,

    I just booked a domestic flight with American Airlines, but the best airline I've ever been on was Turkish Airlines.

    They had great service, a stellar plane, all the latest movies on the back of the seat TV, quality stewardess service. It was awesome! They even gave out Turkish delight for the plane delay and it was delish!

    I wish you the best on your search for an international flight. I know it can be a big chore.


    Re: What airline do you fly?

    Each time my family and I used an airline, it was when we were going to Florida (which was YEARS ago!), and we always used Spirit airlines. I haven't ridden in a plane since I was about six years old, so there'd be a lot of changes since when I lost rode.

    Re: What airline do you fly?

    Aweeeee that was so sweet of him. I usually travel on United Airlines. I have been loyal to United even though I don't have any of the credit cards, lol. The last place I travel was to Costa Rica. I traveled on Jetblue and I must say I was wowed. The first wowser was the free access to the latest movies. I couldn't believe I didn't have to swipe my card, yippeeee. Second wowser, was the plane was so huggeeeee and I travel economy and there was so much leg room. I will certainly travel them again.

    Re: What airline do you fly?

    Hi Wanderer,

    I usually fly United since I work for them, sort of! I technically work for skywest but many of our planes are branded United. Some of our planes are branded as American, Delta, and Alaska, so I can fly them occasionally for free too. Since I only handle United mainline and United skywest express they allow me to fly for free, and my family to fly for really cheap. I like their service and organization. They aren’t the best airline probably but I’ve had many great experiences with them. When the flight attendants find out I’m an employee they treat me better too. I’ve also gotten goodie bags from first class along with extra drinks, snacks, and service. They treat others well too, but since we all struggle through the chaos they realize it’s nice to be treated well. If they’re ever at my station I’d love to return the favor.

    I am most comfortable flying United since I know almost all of their policies. When I fly another airline I don’t know what their policies are and it’s easy for me to assume theirs are the same when they’re often slightly different. The differences can be costly such as having to check a bag last minute for lots of $$$.

    Another airline I’ve recently flown was southwest. It was a very different experience, but I liked the change. You don’t have an assigned seat and can sit in any open seat. The only drawback is I was in the last boarding group. To me it was a little chaotic, but the flight crew was less uptight and fun than most I’ve seen. They kept joking with passengers and it felt like a giant party in the sky. We were coming back from Puerto Vallarta too so that’s probably why!

    Thanks for the fun post!

    I also enjoyed reading your response on my post from yesterday about loving your life to the fullest.


    Re: What airline do you fly?

    My favorite airline is Norwegian Air. I think they have a good balance between budget and comfort. They have movies, the seats are comfortable, and the staff are nice. Plus you can fly from direct from Seattle to London for $250.

    The worst airline I have ever flown on is Spirit Airlines. I had a "red eye" from Portland, OR to Chicago. The plane left at 11 pm and arrived at 4 am. It was not enough time to get any sleep. The thing I disliked the most was that the seats didn't lean back, NOT EVEN AN INCH. There were no movies and no free snacks or water. It felt like a Greyhound bus. I spent the whole trip tired.

    Re: What airline do you fly?

    When I am purchasing the ticket I have always flown American Airlines since I have only flown domestic. They're typically cheaper and I have to be cautious with money these days. I have flown Delta at the expense of others and they do seem to have better planes at least. Ultimately I will be willing to pay a bit more for a ticket if the cheaper flight is going to have more than one transfer or long layovers. No one wants to be stuck in an airport for hours on end.

    Have a great day, Wonderer!

    Andrew M.

    Re: What airline do you fly?


    I usually go with jetblue and turkish airlines. I enjoy both. Great services overall!! 100% satisfied :)