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    Today's the Day!

    created by MorganP06 59 days 15 hours 1 minute ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Today's the Day!

    Good morning, friends!

    Today is the day my daughter gets her hearing aids! We are super excited for this next chapter of her life and for her to finally be able to hear clearly for what we can assume is the first time in her life!

    Our next step is getting her in to a hearing impaired preschool where they really infuse hearing impaired children with speech and be surrounded by children who are alike and can help build confidence in one another.

    I am SO grateful for educators and those who have dedicated their lives to helping children! I have been blown away by the support I have received in my local school district and I am so grateful to have such people helping us along in our journey.

    So my shout out today is to educators, you guys ROCK!



    Re: Today's the Day!

    Good Morning Morgan,

    As a mom and a teacher this warms my heart! I am so happy that your school district is supporting you! Often people don't know that school districts provide services to children who aren't yet school age. I have had several hearing impaired students in my classroom over the years and it is truly amazing how well they do and how much they learn.

    As a parent, it's so fun to watch your child learn and grow and preschool age is a wonderful time of growth for them! I'm certain that with her new hearing aids she will flourish!

    Enjoy your day and all the new things to come!


    Re: Today's the Day!

    Hi, Morgan

    Congratulations! You have worked hard on your daughter's behalf. I hope it is everything you and your daughter need.

    The school districts are usually pretty good about meeting the needs of children who have any type of special needs. We had a really good experience with my brother. I am really glad that they are meeting your daughter's needs. May it continue for as long as she needs it.

    Have a great day, and good luck with the preschool.


    Re: Today's the Day!

    Hi Morgan,

    I am SOOOOOO happy and excited for all of you! I hope you write about it tomorrow too! I am curious to hear about the experience; your thoughts, emotions and the expressions on your daughter's face! :)

    It is truly amazing what the speech/language team does on a daily basis! And like Becky pointed out, I don't think most people know what can be provided to children before they are even school age. It will blow your mind at the amount of progress that she will make! And, it matters as all of the hearing/sound formation, etc. work will allow her to develop crucial pre-reading skills. They are truly gifted professionals.

    Best wishes on this day of new adventures!


    Re: Today's the Day!

    Congrats Morgan,

    I know this has been quite the experience to get through. I'm glad you pushed past the unhelpful doctors and broke threw to a hugely supportive community. It will be fun for your daughter to play with other kids and not feel stunted by a hearing barrier.

    Teachers really do have hearts of gold, thank goodness for them :) Look forward to hearing how your daughter likes the pre-school!


    Re: Today's the Day!

    Wow, congratulations! I can't wait to hear about any updates on how your daughter is doing! I'm sure she'll enjoy her hearing aids and the preschool, where I'm sure she'll make a lot of new friends and have some great experiences!

    Re: Today's the Day!

    If there is such a thing as POST OF THE DAY, this is def that. I am so happy for you and your family. I know your daughter is the happiest girl today and the rest of her life. As a counselor who works with hearing-impaired young adults, it is a great thing to know that someone will receive the gift of sound. For my individuals, we have done a great deal of sign language with them.

    Re: Today's the Day!

    Hey Morgan,

    Congratulations!!! Best news I've heard all week. I am so happy for you and your family especially your daughter.

    I can't wait to hear what you have to say about seeing her face the first time she "hears". I'm sure it will be priceless!!

    I hope you are able to find just the right pre school and it is amazing that you are receiving the support that she needs to succeed.

    I work in a school district with students who are challenged on many different levels and it is incredible to watch them strive when they have the correct supports and tools in place.

    Looking forward to reading many more posts on how she's doing.

    It must feel good to be able to "exhale" a little bit.


    Re: Today's the Day!

    That is amazing to hear. Thank you for sharing this inspiring post.