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    How well do you know your fellow CNetters?

    created by dgriffay 61 days 20 hours 31 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    How well do you know your fellow CNetters?

    Hi CNetters,
    I feel like on this platform you get to know each other pretty well. Maybe better in some ways then people who personally know you. So let’s test my theory.

    Name 2 things you know about the person who posted before you.

    So someone starts with 2 things they know about me and so on.

    Mahalo for playing,

    Re: How well do you know your fellow CNetters?

    Aloha Daniella,

    Love this idea, my fellow late night poster.

    I know that you live in Hawaii, and have worked in the marine sciences. You are also a teacher.

    You are actually behind the penguins in your profile picture.

    I have met you before, so I feel like I'm cheating :P


    Re: How well do you know your fellow CNetters?

    Hi Daniella,

    I know that Kat is a deep thinker and great researcher. She also loves her boyfriend very much!

    This is actually harder than it seems. I don't realize what I know until I am reminded so it's hard to just remember on command.

    What a great idea for a forum!


    Re: How well do you know your fellow CNetters?

    Good morning, Daniella,

    Kasey-Kasey has a super big heart and she is loyal to her friends and family. Kasey is from Ohio, near Columbus and likes to spend time with her boyfriend. She was recently in Cleveland and she shares an interest in Cleveland Sports (Go Browns, cheering for the Tribe, bummer we lost and of course roots for the Buckeyes O-H. She also attends a college, MVNU where a daughter of a friend of my mom's attends. Kasey is also 5 ft tall!

    Have a great day everyone!


    Re: How well do you know your fellow CNetters?

    What a great idea for a forum, Daniella!

    I know that Jon is from Ohio, and plays soccer for the university he attends. He's gone through some recent hardships, that I hope are getting better. And you ultimately want to own your own sports rehab facility!

    It's amazing how much you learn about a person just from reading their posts!


    Re: How well do you know your fellow CNetters?

    Hi Daniella,

    I know that Beth works in the field of school nutrition and that she occasionally travels for work. I know that she is married and has children. She has a mother that likes to quilt ,,, that was from a past post about an entry at the state fair. That stuck with me because my mother is a quilter too! And, I believe she is from the East Coast ,,, New York.

    :) Christi

    Re: How well do you know your fellow CNetters?


    Unfortunately, I don't know much about the person who responded before me. ;(
    But I am willing to get to know her. From the looks of it, she seems very intelligent and thoughtful! :)

    I know Jon is a conservative and a student-athlete. (jtk5857)
    I know slynch has a podcast called Soberpod and that his birthday's in October.
    I know Shannon (Milk) is majoring in computer science.
    I know Deku is wants to be a game developer and is bisexual.
    That's all I can really remember currently.
    I look forward to becoming more familiar with everyone on CNet, everyone seems cool and interesting. :)
    Thanks for the forum.
    Have a great evening.