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    What is your “escape” from reality?

    created by Jasmyn Bush 62 days 7 hours 36 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What is your “escape” from reality?

    Hey CNetters!

    This day in age, we are always on the go. It is sometimes hard to put time aside for ourselves. When we do, we often have one specific place or activity that we enjoy.

    What is your “escape from reality” when you feel overwhelmed? Where do you like to go? What do you like to do? How do you feel when you take this time for yourself?

    I LOVE to go to my local beauty supply. I love to explore the aisles of hair products that I will soon try out in my hair. When I am here, I feel as if there are no cares in the world!


    Re: What is your “escape” from reality?

    Hey Jasmyn,

    Welcome to CNET!! Looking forward to getting to know you better.

    My escape from reality is reading. I love to get lost in the characters and plot of a book and just forget about the daily grind...LOL!!

    If I'm able to weather and time permitting I also live to go to the is just so relaxing for me.

    I truly love traveling in general so any opportunity to do that is a GREAT escape.

    Thanks for the forum and have a good one!!


    Re: What is your “escape” from reality?

    Hey Jasmyn,

    Great question!

    My escape from reality is music. I play the piano and I compose my own songs. As soon as I put my fingers on the keys, my worries and self-deprecating feelings seem to vanish. When reality is looking gloomy, I put on some Claude Debussy or Chopin and become immersed in a world of my own; a world in which there are no bullies or doubters to put me down, in which I can voice my ideas confidently without fearing ridicule.
    Music is the ideal escape for me.

    Thanks for the forum, and welcome to CNet! :)
    Have a great day.

    Re: What is your “escape” from reality?

    Hey Jasmyn,

    My escape from reality is watching a TV show or movie! I really enjoy just watching other people's stories even if it is fiction! Books can also be a source of this but if I read a book too long I tend to get sort of sleepy!
    Another escape could be hanging out with friends and talking! That is always refreshing to me too!


    Re: What is your “escape” from reality?

    Hey Jasmyn!

    It's nice to meet you!

    My escape from reality is playing video games, going to the beach or just plain going to sleep so I don't have to hopefully think about anything. I'd love if I could jump on a plain and travel far from home for a bit, but that's not realistic for me.

    Have a nice day!


    Re: What is your “escape” from reality?

    Aloha Jasmyn,

    My escape is usually the beach. I find I can really relax there. If it’s been a stressful week I love to go in the water and just relax and float. I find it really helpful to just hold my breathe and go underwater and look around. When the waves are good body surfing is the best!

    Mahalo for the post,

    Re: What is your “escape” from reality?

    Hi Jasmyn!

    My escape from everything is the same for many people: Movies, specifically classic movies from the 1950s through the 70s. I have a lot of old favorites, and it's comforting to get lost in them and get to know those characters again.

    My favorite is the TCM channel; our local PBS station also runs a film classic every Saturday night. This past week it was Doctor Zhivago, and it was fabulous.

    Thanks for the question,

    Re: What is your “escape” from reality?

    Hi jasmyn
    There are several things that I do to escape reality. The main thing I do is listen to music. When I am upset or stressed out I will listen to music to get back to my usual happy self. Another thing I do or used to do was play Minecraft but my dad sold it so I can’t do that anymore. The third thing I do is reading a book. But I have had so much stuff to do this year that I haven’t had much time for it. So the main thing I do to escape from my reality is listen to music because that is really all I have time for lol.

    Re: What is your “escape” from reality?


    I read. All the time. Only fiction though. I get enough textbooks at school. I can literally stay in my bed all day and read. It's actually a problem since I tend to ignore my other responsibilities. Its a worse distraction then TV actually since a book will take over 10hours to finish whereas a show will wrap up in an hour. My favorite types of books are fantasy and sci-fi since they are so different from actual life. I can focus on other peoples problem with a happy end rather than worry about myself. One of these days I'll kick the addiction but its so hard to just zone out and read on my phone.