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    How often do you wash your car?

    created by Wanderlust618 60 days 11 hours 55 minutes ago

    Category: World

    How often do you wash your car?

    Aloha CollegeNet,

    How often do you wash your vehicle? Is it a regular chore you do quite frequently or is it one of those that doesn't get attended to very often?

    For me, I do it every once in a while. It is not on my regular chore list. It's one of those things that I wait till my car is desperate for a wash and then I make time for it. I see people washing their car and part of me thinks I should do it more often but then I realize I have so many other things more pressing and that I would rather do. I like to wash my car on hot sunny days and like after I go for a run so I am already sweaty and dirty myself lol.

    - Wanderer

    Re: How often do you wash your car?

    Hi Wanderer,

    That's funny about wanting to wash your car after you feel sweaty and dirty yourself. lol. I do not wash my car frequent enough, even though frequent is relative. Some folks I see are wiping their car every day. Not I. I actually went for a wash yesterday at the self-serve machine. The machine's timer ends so quickly on the different wash options that I felt like my car was better off when it wasn't washed. to be fair though, my rims do look far better. With winter coming up (i know we still have a few weeks) I do not know what is it store for my car baby. lol

    Re: How often do you wash your car?


    I try to wash my car at the start of spring, again after all the pollen falls at the start of summer, and maybe once or twice more mid and end of summer. I don’t wash it at all during the winter because the snow is just too much.

    So yea, I try to do it once in a while but definitely not something I have worked into my schedule. More so just when I have free time.


    Re: How often do you wash your car?

    It's not unusual for me to go several months without washing my car. In my part of the world, it rains so often that one is guaranteed a rinse once or twice a week. The only time you need to wash the car is in the winter because the road salt builds up on the sides and it can get on your clothes. I clean out the inside once or twice a week. Once I had so many banana peels et al. inside the car that I had fruit flies. So I guess the answer to your question is semi-regularly for the inside and never for the outside.

    Re: How often do you wash your car?

    Hey Wanderer,

    I wash my car at least once a month. Right now I'm having a problem because I park under a tree in my parking lot, and the tree produces a light misty layer of sap onto my car. At one point I went a couple months without washing it, and now the last two car washes I've gotten haven't gotten all the sap off. It looks like the top of my car is moldy or something. I don't have a garden hose, so I can't easily wash my car myself at home. I want to get a hose and a brush so I can get that crap off my car. It looks so bad!


    Re: How often do you wash your car?


    I'm right with yah. My car was filthy. Literally, haven't washed it since I got in June. I was power washing my porch so just washed my car too yesterday. I have been telling myself I needed to wash it for the past 2 months, but I was just too lazy and didn't want to shell out the money for it. But now its all shiny and new and I can ignore it for till February!



    Re: How often do you wash your car?

    Hi there!

    That's good that you at least think about washing it, my brain doesn't even care enough to focus a millisecond of attention on it.

    I'd say the most I think about it are times when:
    1: I can't see out of the windows because the sunlight reflects the dust, making it nearly impossible to drive.
    2: I walk to my car from work and see the bird s### on the hood from parking under a tree.
    3: It is raining for the first time in 4 months, and I hope it can get off the dust and s###. But, it never is; if anything it contributes more invisibility.

    What about the inside of the car? When is the last time anyone vacuumed the car interior?

    Re: How often do you wash your car?

    I really don't wash my car as often as I should. Often times I'm living in an apartment where I can't wash my car there at all because I don't have any access to a hose. Instead, I have to go to either a drive through car wash or self-service car wash. If I had to estimate, I probably wash my car six time per year. If I just got back from a road trip or camping I will wash it to get all of the dead bugs off.

    Re: How often do you wash your car?

    Hey Wanderer,

    I am like you! I do it every once in a while only when it is really needed! The color of my car is silver so it never really looks that dirty which is super nice! When I do wash it, I usually wait until it is warmer weather so I can wash it myself!


    Re: How often do you wash your car?

    Good morning!

    I'm terrible at washing my car but at least I try to keep the inside clean. I always remove any trash whenever I'm at a gas station, but besides that my car is pretty clean.

    Is it safe to say my car gets a nature based car wash every time it rains? Which is pretty often!

    Re: How often do you wash your car?


    It depends on how dirty my car is on the inside and outside. I usually wash my car once a month. I usually go to Washtopia, which is a drive thru car wash. I always wipe my car down after I wash it and I vacuum my whole car. I have a suv so it’s like a workout everytime I wash my car.