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    Samsung or iPhone?

    created by rummom16 64 days 4 hours 55 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Samsung or iPhone?

    Hey CNet!

    This is a debate that can and will go on as long as there are both products out. Personally I really don't care that much about this debate, and I don't strongly prefer one over the other. I have had both, I have a Samsung right now but just switched from an iPhone. I just wanted to try it out and liked both of them equally.

    So, are you on side samsung or iPhone? Why do you feel that one is so much better than the other?

    Excited to see what you guys have to say. Have a great day!

    Re: Samsung or iPhone?

    I have an iPhone and my last couple phone have been iPhones. I have a lot of other apple products so now I kinda feel like I’m stuck into them. It is really nice how I can sync them up and they are all easy to transfer information back and forth.

    I told my mom she should get a Samsung though. I tried playing around with her phone and I couldn’t figure out how to do anything haha.

    One thing I really like about Samsung is that you can put memory cards into it. With the iPhone you have to buy the phone with the memory you want and the bigger the memory the more expensive your phone.

    My last iPhone also died after 3 years. I think Apple admited to purposefully making their products fail after so long. This I think is a pretty shitty thing to do. While I like my iPhone, if I had known this before I probably would have switched. Now I am going to use this phone till it dies and reassess.


    Re: Samsung or iPhone?

    Well, I am biasedly team Samsung for no justifiable reason other than I have used Samsung for a few years now and have never owned an iPhone. I tried using my sister's iPhone and felt stumped not knowing how to even place a call. So that my bias as to why I am team Samsung because that's the brand feel most comfy with. I told you it was biased, lol

    Re: Samsung or iPhone?


    I’m personally team iPhone. And the only reason I am is because it’s the first smart phone I had and I am technologically challeneged. So switching to a different phone would mess me up and take me a while to figure out. Other than for that reason I really don’t care.

    This is a fun topic and like you said, it will go on forever!!


    Re: Samsung or iPhone?

    Aloha Rummom!

    I just last week or the week before FINALLY got an iPhone. My parents got me my first smart phone and it was as basic as can be. I had so many problems with it you wouldn't believe even the one the store exchanged it for was a total dud to where I wanted to throw it out the window. Now that I have an iPhone my pictures are clear, my recordings are clear, I have numerous apps that I couldn't get before, the phone doesn't butt dial without being in my pocket and apps don't just pop up out of nowhere. So far I'm team iPhone!!!

    Have a great day!


    Re: Samsung or iPhone?

    Hey there,

    I see this debate all the time and always feel I should give my opinion as someone who actually has owned both an iPhone and Samsung phone. Often I see people who have only owned one or the other and I feel that might make them a little biased.

    Both are good phones/brands. However I definitely feel I now prefer Samsung over iPhone. I would still consider an iPhone but my preference now lies with Samsung. One thing with iPhone I didn't care for which maybe it has changed, is having to use iTunes and not being able to do what I want from my phone. I also realized there was a lot of junk saved to my iPhone even though I thought I was deleting it all correctly. Only way to delete the unneeded files was to connect to iTunes.

    I was actually considering an iPhone again recently because I need an upgrade and it was being offered to me free. However I was skeptical as to why someone would not want anything for a phone so I declined. Especially since I know the person and it would not surprise me if the phone was stolen.


    Re: Samsung or iPhone?


    I have iphone. Have always had apple products and love them. Wouldn’t want to ever change them.

    Re: Samsung or iPhone?

    I think it really depends on the user- their needs and technical knowledge. Another thing to consider is that not all Samsungs are created equal. They have their flagship model (the Galaxy), mid-range models, and low-range models. If you compare their flagship model to the iPhone, the specs are higher on the Samsung Galaxy. For users that want the latest and greatest and the best camera, I would recommend Samsung. For users that are less tech-savvy and want something that works well without a big learning curve, I always recommend the iPhone.

    Re: Samsung or iPhone?


    I had both! and I like both!, but what really bothers me is the fact that apple products are very expensive with not reason and also they are created to last for a convenient time only.
    I have an iPhone for two years working great, suddenly the battery is not good!!!