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    A Positive Word For The Day!

    created by Thankful 62 days 11 hours 47 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    A Positive Word For The Day!

    Good Wednesday CNet Fam!

    So much negativity going on how about saying something positive!!!

    What would your POSITIVE word for the day be?

    My word is "APPRECIATE"!!!!

    May you all have a blessed day!


    Re: A Positive Word For The Day!

    Hi thankful,

    Along with appreciation I think the very name of your CNET profile would spark positivity, thankful. Often times when I’m being negative I realize I’m not being thankful for the many blessings right before me. Today I’m thankful I had breakfast, made it to school alive, am not sick, got a good nights rest, have my homework in check, and many other things.

    Have a nice day!


    Re: A Positive Word For The Day!


    I love this forum because it made me think of what I really should appreciate in my life. And to go along with Jon's post, I think your name is something else that is a positive message for the day. I have seen quite a few posts on my social media about how and what people are thankful for and it really has me thinking today. So, thank you for this forum and for making me think!


    Re: A Positive Word For The Day!

    What a great idea for a post! I hate the amount of negativity that is in our society. I've been trying to constantly focus on the positive in everything, and so far it's been great! Appreciate and Thankful are definitely 2 wonderfully positive words!

    My positive word for the day: HOPEFUL

    It's important to always stay hopeful in your every day life. I am HOPEFUL that my daughter will be in a great mood again when I pick her up today, and that she plays nicely by herself while I prepare dinner. I am HOPEFUL that all the hard work I'm putting in at my job will be recognized. I am HOPEFUL that I'll get to watch one of my many shows tonight that I'm falling behind on!

    Thanks for the inspiring post!


    Re: A Positive Word For The Day!

    Hey Thankful,

    My positive word for you all is CALM. We are all in such a rush all the time. We never stop to appreciate the things around us or the situations we're in. We're always pushing to get to the next deadline, the next promotion, the next day but for what?

    There is such a positive relationship to being calm, it means all is right in your soul. There's no worry, nothing to need yet you have everything right there in your calmness.


    Re: A Positive Word For The Day!

    Aloha Thankful!

    I love this forum! I try to focus on positive words all the time and really appreciate you creating this forum :) My positive word for the day is:


    I think the word really speaks for itself and has a lot of depth and meaning to it for each of us in our lives. There is so much to be joyful about but we don't always stop and take it in and really truly recognize the joy in spending time with friends, eating a delicious meal or accomplishing something we have been working at. I want to soak up all the JOY in my life that I can and also spread as much JOY to other's as I can.

    Thanks for the forum!

    - Wanderer

    Re: A Positive Word For The Day!

    Happy hump day!

    What an amazing question!

    My positive word of the day is DETERMINED. I am DETERMINED to make the best out of this day, and the rest of this lovely life! Thank you for asking this, it has reminded me there is room for positivity in your everyday life!


    Re: A Positive Word For The Day!

    Hi Thankful,

    My positive word is ,,, GRATEFUL!

    Today, I am especially grateful for:
    -CNet - winning scholarships to put towards my student loan is almost unbelievable and is Amazing!!
    -my job - I love my career in education
    -my heater - it's cold again in Montana
    - electricity - it went out for several hours this morning and going without lights, my hair dryer and coffee makes me realize how much I like electricity

    I have so very much to be grateful for on each and every day ~ life, love, family, friends, my faith, my health, my career, a home, food and water and list goes on and on! :)

    Thanks for the positivity,


    Re: A Positive Word For The Day!

    Hey Friend!

    Yes! Appreciation is great fuel and energy for us all.

    My word is Patience. If everyone practiced a little more patience, lots of things would be more stress free on a daily basis.


    Re: A Positive Word For The Day!

    Good Morning!

    Yes, appreciate is a great word. My positive word is BLESSED. We are all truly blessed starting with waking up this morning to start a new day. Let’s all make today a great one!

    Have a blessed day!


    Re: A Positive Word For The Day!

    Definistration! Look it up and I guarantee you’ll smile :)