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    Be Unstoppable!

    created by Sunshine Song 61 days 16 hours 17 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Be Unstoppable!

    What area of life do you feel stopped or disempowered in? (ex: relationship with ______, commitment to ______, etc.)
    If you were unstoppable in every area of life, what difference would that make?

    Today I had an incredible evening and actually had a few conversations that made a difference for me. I had always been stopped in sharing with other people because of their rejection, feeling unconfident/insecure, not sure what to say, etc.

    When I saw other people sharing what is important to them to other people, and how that impacted other people/the community, I was moved because I see the result of sharing. People do not get a chance to be contributed to if I do not even open my mouth to share.

    I created BEING UNSTOPPABLE when it comes to sharing with other people, no matter what internal dialogue is in the way.

    If I were UNSTOPPABLE in every area of my life, the RESULTS would be very clear. I would get what I said I would get done on time, life would move when I say it will move, and I could do everything I am currently doing in life with POWER and FREEDOM.

    No more surviving. A lot more LIVING.



    Re: Be Unstoppable!

    Hey Song,

    The part of my life that I struggle with or feel stuck in, is my personal dating life. I was hoping by my age I would've been settled down, married and already started a family and I can't seem to meet anyone I really connect with. It frustrates me every day and it's really hard to see everyone around me or all of my family and friends with someone, and I am always by myself. I do everything independently and it's gotten old.


    Re: Be Unstoppable!

    Good morning, Song,

    Your posts over the past several days I have really noticed are thoughtful, so thank you!

    What area of life do I feel stopped or disempowered in? I feel disempowered in my athletic career for the first time in a long time. I chose my university for academics first, but also playing a varsity sport there was a top reason for attending as well. I am feeling a bit frustrated in how the season is going and was really hoping for some change. I'm learning to communicate with the coaches but it's a very intimidating feeling at the same time as I don't want to overstep my boundaries. I am praying for clarity in my decision as well.

    If I were unstoppable in every area of life, what difference would that make? My future plans are to open my own sports and rehab facility. I would like to have a staff of PT's who are willing to donate and volunteer their time each month to treat the poor, to help them get on their feet so they can get back to work and provide for their families. I think this would build a very strong community. I would feel so empowered and unstoppable to know that I was making a difference in peoples lives and being a part of a close community. I think this would be a difference maker.

    Thanks for reading and good luck in today's election!



    Yesterday's post you asked about prayer. I do pray. I pray often but should still pray more even. I have really tried to get into the habit of praying when I am thankful as well as when I need God's grace and guidance. I think staying connected to the Lord is important in our daily lives. It is nice to know there are so many CNetters who also feel this way. We have a remarkable "community" of support at our fingertips!