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    Favorite Movie of All Time?

    created by Ximena Victoria 56 days 3 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Favorite Movie of All Time?

    What movie(s) do you usually recommend to your friends and family? What about it did you like and how many time do you think you've watched it? You can provide a brief summary if you would like, but no spoilers please! Is there a moving that you looking forward to watching?

    One of my all time favorite movie is Gran Torino, I honestly loved the morale of the story and how it was super intense. It grasps the harsh reality of many cities where towns lose their value and quickly become plagued by violence and clash of races. I won't go further into detail, but it sort of restores the respect of learning different cultures and to co-exist by helping each other. I tear up every time I watch it and I always recommend it to my friends who have yet to watch it.

    I am curious to learn about different movies people enjoy to watch! Looking forward to your answers!


    Re: Favorite Movie of All Time?

    I don't think I can truly pick an all time favorite movie, as I am a huge cinema lover and there are so many great cinematic masterpieces out there. I can say though that I do have one Disney movie that is one of my favorites. That is, The Fox and the Hound!

    The Fox and the Hound was and is my go-to movie for a good cry and to feel warm. The movie is so cute (as are most Disney films) and whenever I am home, relaxing in bed, this movie comes to mind when I want to watch something comfortably. I like the interaction and relationship between the two animals and you see their friendship go through some hardships. But, although there are not "meant" to be friends, they truly are there for each other until the end.

    Re: Favorite Movie of All Time?


    I think it's hard to say just 1, but if I were to pick a top 5 it would include Jaws, Jurassic Park, Tommy Boy, Men in Black and Her, those 5 i have watched several times, i love them all, all hold up to me.


    Re: Favorite Movie of All Time?

    Hey Ximena!

    I have never seen Gran Torino but if it your favorite movie of all time, I am sure it is worth watching!

    It is really hard for me to pick a favorite, so here is my top four: Any Harry Potter movie, Batman the dark night, Sherlock Holmes, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

    As you can see, I tend to favor movies that have a little more action/ mystery. I always find myself going back to watch those firsts three I mentioned. The last one is a movie I have just recently seen and I loved it! I have only seen it once but it is a different genre than my typical so I think I’ll find myself watching it again!

    Have a great day!