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    Teens and Vaping-addiction concerns?

    created by jtk5857 62 days 5 hours 4 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Teens and Vaping-addiction concerns?

    Good morning CNetter,

    I read this on my news feed yesterday: US officials call teen vaping an ‘epidemic,’ weigh flavor ban.

    It struck me because my little brother thinks vaping is cool. Some of his friends have parents who allow their teenage children to vape! He thinks he should be allowed as well because he feels there is no harm in vaping. I’ve told him that there is nicotine in these e-cigarettes and that they can lead to an addiction.

    Am I wrong? Does anyone know much about e-cigarettes?! Are there dangers of addiction associated with using the aluring flavor products?

    U.S. health officials say teenage use of e-cigarette has reached “epidemic” levels and are calling on the industry to address the problem or risk having their flavored products pulled off the market.

    The warning from the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday marks a stark shift in the agency’s tone on e-cigarettes, which have become the most used tobacco product among teenagers.

    Since 2017, FDA officials have discussed e-cigarettes as a potential tool to ween adult smokers off cigarettes.

    But FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb says the agency did not predict an “epidemic of addiction” among youth, mainly driven by flavored products.

    Gottlieb says the five largest e-cigarette manufacturers will have 60 days to produce plans to immediately reverse underage use of their products.

    Do you think the government has a right to make manufacturers find ways to reverse teens from using their products? Should vaping and e-cigarettes be banned by teens?

    Thanks for reading. Have a great Friday.


    Re: Teens and Vaping-addiction concerns?

    Hi Jon!
    My mother is actually the legislator of my town’s district and this is a hot topic in our local politics. Currently, she is advocating to get the age of buying vapes to be raised to 21 years old to make it more difficult for high school students to get their hands on. In complete honesty, vapes are relatively new and therefore it is impossible to know at this time what the long term effects of vaping are on health. My brother on the contrary has been caught vaping multiple times by my parents, who have confiscated his vape. However, he is definitely addicted to nicotine as I have heard him often complaining about “phening”. Yes, there is a risk of addiction in vapes.
    I don’t think the government should ban vapes from teens entirely, but they should definitely take steps for them to become more difficult for teens to get their hands on.

    Re: Teens and Vaping-addiction concerns?

    Hey Jon,

    I actually think it is great that the government is holding manufacturers accountable. While e-cigarettes may have less harmful chemicals than cigarettes, they are still irritating to the lungs, and the full extent of their harmful side effects are still unknown due to how new they are.

    While people use them to stop themselves from smoking, they end up with a vaping habit instead. I'm not sure if it can be called addictive, but certainly habit-forming.

    I can see how teens could want to vape, due to it being a substance that they can acquire and experiment with. While for some teens, they are able to get access to alcohol and drugs like marijuana, currently vapes are more accessible.

    Since more research still needs to be done on their effects, I think it is important to control the access that adolescents/teens get to these products. They may affect development in ways that are currently not known.

    Good topic!

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie

    Re: Teens and Vaping-addiction concerns?

    Hey Jon.

    Good topic. I was unaware that there’s nicotine in the flavor types of vapes. So I’ll have to do some reading about it. I can see how teens think it’s harmless and cool to vape. I’m interested in learning more about its effects on the body as well. I’ll stay tuned to see if anyone else can add to the formum. Thanks Stargazer and Dymphie for your input.

    Thanks for the topic.


    Re: Teens and Vaping-addiction concerns?

    Hey Jon,

    I think it's kind of funny that this underage use came as a surprise to some. Meanwhile they call the liquid "juice" and it tastes and smells delicious. There are none of the same chemicals that are used in traditional cigarettes. So for kids and teens it seems smarter because it tastes good and there are less chemicals.

    The thing is, the 'juice' hasn't been tested in addition to the effects of letting this stuff flow through your lungs.

    I can't tell if it's all that bad if teenage vapers are using 0mg nicotine. But how can enforcing agents know if students are using nicotine in their juice or not.

    I honestly wish the government didn't get involved and parents governed their kids.


    Re: Teens and Vaping-addiction concerns?

    Hi! I definitely think there should be more control on vaping and juuls. The only reason people think they are safer is because studies haven’t been done on them.

    Re: Teens and Vaping-addiction concerns?

    Hi Jon,

    This is a very interesting topic. There was a tweet that I saw from one of my old middle school classmates that really resonated with me about the new trend of vaping. She said in her tweet that "companies soon realized that cigarettes have gotten a huge stigma and were losing their grip... which is why they decided to create juuls/vapes/e-cigs, and to continue promoting the heck out of it. Now there is a whole other generation who is addicted to nicotine, and most of these kids aren't even aware of it."

    This hits close to home because my dad smokes cigarettes and he has tried using e-cigs to stop smoking, which is fine because he was using it as self-improvement. But thinking about all of these young teenagers who are gaining access to vaping just hits me the wrong way.... because now a whole new generation is addicted to the "small doses" of nicotine. No matter how small it is, the nicotine is still there, and the cycle is starting all over again.

    Thanks for this forum!!


    Re: Teens and Vaping-addiction concerns?

    Hi Jon,

    I was a vaper teen in highschool. I usually bought disposable hookah pens that allegedly had no nicotine in them. I don’t think those are that bad, but I don’t see how something, especially some chemical, going into your lungs can be healthy. I haven’t vaped in years and see no point in it now. I would actually be glad if the government regulated e-cigarettes and the like more. It’s sad that teens even think substances are cool. They are in their development stage so substances particularly have an effect on them. No one should be profiting at the expense of teens’ health either. Raising the age to buy them might be beneficial, but I bet teens will still get access to them. Plus the additional fines, and punishments only encourage contentions with police, something rebellious teens are prone to. I think the best solution would be to change the culture. If stuff like ecigs were not cool then hardly anyone would want to partake in them. I’m not exactly sure how we could change our culture, but I’m sure there are some clever ideas one of the 320 million people in the US could think of.

    Thanks for the forum!