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    School Tuitions

    created by jwade13 62 days 6 hours 9 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    School Tuitions

    Happy Friday CNet,

    What do you think about school tuitions? Do you think they are a bit ridiculous or justifiable.

    Honestly, I know my education is a valuable thing for me to have, but I think the escalating price of tuition. It always scares me that when I finally have children and they go off to college, the prices are going to be even higher!

    Do you think school tuitions are fair or not?


    Re: School Tuitions

    Hi Jess,

    Good morning to you! Hey, I 100% think that the cost to obtain a college degree is ridiculous. It seems the most economical route today is to attend a junior college and then transfer to a state school. I took at look to see what other countries average costs are for college. This is just for state universities, not private college costs. Surprisingly the US wasn't the highest. It was 2nd behind the U.K. What I also found was that in those other countries so many more people held bachelors degrees and the percentage of those students employed was really high too. It almost seems like other countries value their people more and want them to be educated to they make it affordable. I think it was France that allowed international students the same, literally free, education as those who lived in France.

    Below you’ll find the full ranking, starting with countries with the least-expensive college tuition and counting down to those with the highest.
    11. Germany: $0
    10. France: $217
    9. Switzerland: $1,168
    8. Netherlands: $2,420
    7. China: $3,300 – $9,900
    6. South Korea: $4,578
    5. Australia: $4,763
    4. Canada: $4,939
    3. Japan: $5,228
    2. United States: $8,202
    1. United Kingdom: $12,414

    America does hold certain advantages, however. The U.S. boasts an annual per capita income of around $56,000 per year, much higher than in places such as China, South Africa and South Korea.

    Maybe a "road trip" to France is on the horizon for me! ha ha.

    Have a great day.


    Re: School Tuitions

    I think tuition is unbearable. It has bee times I felt like throwing in the towel because I did not know how I was going to make it but something always come through at the last minute. My education is also valuable to me as well because of my children and not only do i want a better life for myself but also for my children because they deserve it. So i have no other choice but to keep pushing and but my faith in a higher power to help me tackle this tuition

    Re: School Tuitions

    My school is part of the Big 10 Conference, so they make a huge amount of money. Despite that, tuition rates are up, and I've heard people say that if the school spent more on education and less on sports, then we'd be fine with tuition. Luckily scholarships are a big help when my tuition bill comes rolling around. I've had classmates who are pushing $70,000 in debt and keep charging things to their credit cards, and just this past Monday I had a classmate say that she was too scared to purchase her textbooks because she knew that the cost was going to be high, plus you take in tuition, which is a little over $9,000, and that's a pretty messy situation.

    Re: School Tuitions

    I think it's ridiculous! If I come out with having to pay off a $50,000 loan with payments that are higher than my car payment and my education didnt get me a job that pays me enough to cover the difference after I earn the degree, then it's too high.

    Luckily, for our kids, schools are starting to adapt the system where it's free to go to certain colleges in the state you live in! It applies to those under 24, so those of us who went to school later are still screwed, haha!