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    Morning or Night Classes?

    created by annabrigitte 62 days 10 hours 56 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Morning or Night Classes?

    Hey CNet!

    Do prefer morning or night classes?

    I prefer classes in the morning. I have one later ckass this semester and getting hime as late as I do is really hard for me.

    Thanks for reading!

    - Anna

    Re: Morning or Night Classes?

    Hi Anna,
    When I was in my undergrad I preferred late morning classes, ones that started at 9 or 10. I dreaded the 7 am classes. I definitely did not like night classes because I was just ready to go home and go to bed. Now that I am in graduate school, I am working while taking night classes. I have class Mon-Wed 5-8pm and I usually finish work around 3ish. It definitely makes for long days but I especially don't like this 5-8 because it is right when I would have dinner so I am starving during class. Last class, I actually was like screw it I am bringing dinner and started eating a thermos full of soup. I got some envious stares from other classmates but that's about it. I am definitely going to do that more often.


    Re: Morning or Night Classes?

    Hey Anna,

    I prefer morning classes. I'd rather get everything out of the way and be done for the afternoon than have night classes. I always wanted to do other things whenever I had to go to night classes. There was shows I wanted to watch or I wanted to have dinner at that time, or work out, etc.
    So I would always choose morning.


    Re: Morning or Night Classes?

    Good morning, Anna,

    I currently have a mixture of morning, afternoon and night classes so I definitely have an opinion on the matter!

    I actually hate the late night class. I am so tired by that time and just want to be able to relax but on that certain day of the week it's a killer for me because I have an early morning, mid afternoon and late evening class.

    I prefer to have late morning classes if I can find the required classes I need during those times. It is a good feeling to be able to have a bit of time to wake up and chill a bit before the daily grind starts and it's equally a good feeling to know that I am done by 2 in the afternoon!

    Have a great day!


    Re: Morning or Night Classes?

    Good morning Anna,
    I prefer morning classes because Im more alert, and also that gives me the rest of the day to do my homework and study that way I wont be up to late. If i have to take a night class because its required then I have no choice. For instance next semester I have to take nutrition which is from 6pm-9pm. So this is something that I just have t take with a grain of salt. I also have children so I have to take morning classes because I love to be with my kids at night

    Re: Morning or Night Classes?

    Hey Anna!

    I have no choice but to take morning classes. I have one class from 11:30 - 2:20 Mon-Wed and 3 classes on 8:30 - 2:30 Tues - Wed...Now after classes on both days I have football practice for another 3 hours then I have to be at work on the evenings. See I have absolutely no choice but to have morning classes. I don't think I would want to take evening classes anyway, I'd rather have my nights to either sleep, make money or hang out.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Morning or Night Classes?

    Hi Anna,

    I prefer taking classes later in the day or at 10-11 o'clock in the morning. I don't really like taking classes early morning only due to the fact that I don't think as well. I don't mind taking night classes, but I prefer to take classes before 5 p.m. I'm more awake and alert for participating in class. Plus, I can make sure to eat breakfast and every other meal afterward.

    - Pandigirl79

    Re: Morning or Night Classes?

    night classes have an advantage if one is a procrastinator, right? you get to fool around all weekend and then STILL have monday to get your work done! unless you have my monday night professor, who wants work submitted via blackboard by midnight sunday into monday.

    either way, my courses meet at 6pm because most of my peers are young teachers. in puerto rico, where i am attending grad school, one may teach with just a bachelor's degree. some of my peers have been teaching for a decade or even more!

    plus, you gotta try REALLY hard to be late to a night class. i mean, you can sleep in until noon or 1pm, get something to eat, shower, and even complete your assignment, and still arrive on time to class, right?