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    College Net Votes

    created by sincitygina 62 days 15 hours 23 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    College Net Votes

    Good Evening College Net!

    A recent forum was posted recently asking members how long they continue to persevere to win scholarships before giving up, due to lack of winning. After thinking about it, I noticed a pattern about my votes and the amount needed to appear in the top 13-14.

    Both times I won, I had acquired around 8-10 votes by the weekend. The Rookie Scholarship was the lowest, I’m sure because the competition is extremely limited to new members only. Therefore, chances of winning a Rookie Scholarship are a lot easier and people rank higher on the Top Rookies than the Current Rankings category.

    The second time I won two weeks later, I had received about 16 votes and finished around 11th place. The competition ending last Thursday the 6th, I had 19 votes at 1:30pm (the most I’ve ever had) and was in 10th place, and when they ended at 3:00pm I did not place in the Top 14th. Super frustrating! Regardless, I am very happy for all the competitors because everyone needs help with the cost of school!

    Have any of you noticed any trending of votes, or how many you have noticed are required to win? What was the most votes you’ve ever received in a competition?
    Thanks for your responses! Maybe we can crack the code? Lol. JUST KIDDING.

    Re: College Net Votes


    I never took time to care about these logistics. I find it random when it comes to the amount of votes needed to win. I have won many times and can not recall how many for each.

    I know I have won witj 15 votes before. One time I got 17 and did not win.

    I think it us all about the top 5 rankers and how many votes that get. Which decides how many votes the othe 8-9 people need to win that week.

    The most votes I ever got was 25. My goal is one day to get 30 votes.

    Awesome Post


    Re: College Net Votes

    Hi Gina,

    I appreciated your post on my forum today and I like that you’re continuing the discussion in a new form through your post!

    For me I’ve noticed it takes about 3 votes a day to get close to winning. The most votes I recieved in a single day was 10. It was my first day in CNET and I had a good post I think. That week I had around 27 votes. It was my best first week ever! I think people voted for me because I was new.

    I am pretty convinced that you have to have at least 20 votes to win, but it really depends on the week. Last week the competition was out of this world. I had at least 20 votes, met all my posts, and voted to the max, but I didn’t finish in the top 14. I am convinced that voters want to be persuaded to vote for you. A little bit of sympathy, sharing accomplishments, and networking seem to gather in voters. I’m no expert, but it seems like the more friendly people gain voters. Those who also have been through tough times and have pulled through recieve votes from their testimony. Then those that are good at reaching many people's forums seem to do well too.

    It’s a thrill of a ride to be on here. Trial and error is how I’ve been learning on here. As a result I think this site has improved my social skills. Because of you guys I’ve learned more about what people are interested in, what they’re not interested in, and how to connect with others who you normally might not connect with. My time on this site is invaluable for that reason.

    Have a nice day!


    Re: College Net Votes

    I agree with Jon the 2 times I won, not as a rookie I had 19 and 20 votes and I just barely squeak into the bottom. That is what I am always aiming for is to get 20 votes by the end of the week. I feel like I also have a tendency to start of strong but then I just flop at the end. I guess some of my forums end up being duds but I think you get more votes from your replies on other forums. I am still new to this thing though and still figuring it out.

    Re: College Net Votes

    Hey there Gina,

    MY friend and I try to figure out "what is the needed amount of votes" as well and it's too confusing lol

    There's been weeks I've won with 16 votes and there's been weeks I've needed like 32 votes to win ( of course I was in the top 3 that time, but I still wasn't #1) so I have no idea what the count is! It's all a mystery and nobody knows! haha Just keep at it! It'll pay off!


    Re: College Net Votes

    Hey Gina,

    The formula is really hard to figure out. I think it has to do with not only how many votes you receive, but who it was that voted for you, and who you voted for, and did you post/vote the maximum amount of times that week. I know the votes are weighted somehow, but I have never taken the time to try to figure it out.

    I have won with 17 votes, and have lost with 20 votes, so it also depends on who and how many are active on any given week.

    Just a note.... a couple of weeks ago, I was number 14, and the rookie who won wasn't even in the top 20. The rookie won one of the 14 scholarships, and I did not. So just keep in mind that if you are number 13 or 14, and the rookie is not already in the top 14, you probably won't win as the rookie will automatically get the scholarship.
    That may have been what you a couple of weeks ago. ??? At least I think that is what is happening, I haven't cracked the code either!!!

    Have a good one, and keep on keeping on!!


    Re: College Net Votes

    Hi Gina!
    I’m actually brand-new to College Net, but I think reading your post is very useful. I know winning any money for college will be helpful, and I think it’s excellent that a forum like this exists where students can help each other out both with advice and winning scholarship money.

    Re: College Net Votes

    Hey Gina,

    I have not won yet but I have always wondered how many votes winners have received just out of curiosity. I do not really keep track of my votes but I want to say I have seen before where I had around 15 votes before. I do not think I've ever met the 20 mark but I'm sure one day I will if I keep at it.

    I do try to stay active although I did miss one day this week because our power got shut off but luckily we were able to get it back on but I was just too tired to come on and do my posts. I do notice most of the top 20 are usually the ones I find the most active on here and the posts that pop up first.


    Re: College Net Votes


    I noticed when I won I had around 15 to 25 votes. Your right about being in the lead to win and then in the day your supposed to win you randomly move out of the top candidates the last few minutes before the winner is announced. It can be really frustrating for most of us, especially since we all on here everyday. I try to just think positive and stay consistent because that’s all you can do.