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    Have you ever been in a natural disaster?

    created by whitener2.0 62 days 21 hours 42 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Have you ever been in a natural disaster?

    What's it like being in a natural disaster? What do you feel? What do you do? I've never been in a natural disaster but I've heard stories about them. Hurricane Florence is supposed to be hitting about 70% of North Carolina and parts of South Carolina. I live in North Carolina but I should only be seeing some heavy rain and some flooding. Hearing about the hurricane and how it keeps changing paths got me thinking about what it would like to live through a natural disaster.

    Re: Have you ever been in a natural disaster?

    Hey Hey!

    No, thankfully I have not experienced a natural disaster. I have been in areas that were preparing to possibly experience one. In Kauai once, a hurricane was (potentially) heading toward the island and set off a slew of people buying up all the water and canned food they could find. That was surreal but thankfully the hurricane changed course and did not hit the island.

    Re: Have you ever been in a natural disaster?


    Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I have not lived through a super bad natural disaster like all the hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes, and I hope I am never in any of those things. In Ohio we have our share of tornadoes and blizzards but we haven't had anything where we have been advised to evacuate so far.

    Interesting that normally my aunt and uncle go to Myrtle Beach in early September, but this year my cousin's house caught on fire, and they are helping her get things taken care of and couldn't go. I wonder if they would have been caught up in that.

    I sure hope you are OK. Keep safe.


    Re: Have you ever been in a natural disaster?

    last year i lived through hurricane maria on the island of puerto rico! in the middle of the night, the power went out, my fan turned off, and the rain started up. little did i know i'd be among the fortunate ones to go less than a month without power!

    the whistling winds blew and it was lonely & scary. that howling wind is always cold in new york; it was awesome to hear it and be shirtless cuz it was a warm wind. i live alone, and my apartment is on the side of a hill with my windows facing a circular chain of hills. the winds came from behind the house, so i was able to have my windows cracked open in order to peek out most of the day...

    once the storm passed and we remained without power for over 3 weeks, and i found i had no access to cash! atms are electric powered. family tried to wire some cash, but western union terminals had no power. and i had zero cash in my possession. fill up and have a nice reserve of cash when a hurricane heads your way.

    Re: Have you ever been in a natural disaster?

    Hi there,

    I have been through at least 5 hurricanes before. I grew up in Jamaica which is in the tropics so we have hurricane season from September till November. Usually we stock up on a lot of canned food and water. We charge all our electronic devices and get those back up power banks. If we can get one of those generator things thats nice. The electricity is usually out for a few days, one week at tops. My mom usually cook all the meat that's not frozen so it doesn't spoil. I am a reader so I stock up on all the books I have been wanting to read. When I was younger I used to like it because it was a time to stay home from school and just play with my siblings. Once I get older I realize the damages hurricanes cause.

    In preparation we usually cut off the branches of all the trees close to our house so we don't have an accident. That's very important because the winds can uproot the trees.

    I wish you all the best and I hope you and your family stay safe!!


    Re: Have you ever been in a natural disaster?

    Hi There!

    I have been in earthquakes! Lots and lots of earthquakes! I grew up in the SF Bay area and experienced the 1989 Mira Loma earthquake. That was the biggest, but there are many more that don't make it to the national news. Some people don't even feel the lighter ones!

    I also visited San Diego a few times growing up and there were lots of earthquakes there too! I remember hearing the dresser drawers clink together at night during earthquakes.

    It gets easier to tell which ones you should really duck & cover for, and which ones you can wait out without damage. You'll notice right at the first shift because the massive ones feel as if they come from deeper within the Earth. The lower ones are more similar to a vibration in the ground, or a drive across a windy bridge.

    Believe it or not, I'm not afraid at all of earthquakes. Alien abductions for sure, but earthquakes are over in a few seconds! :) Thanks for the forum!

    Re: Have you ever been in a natural disaster?

    Hi whitener,

    I’ve sort have been through some natural disasters but they weren’t full force. The ones I’ve experienced are a hurricane, and an earthquake. First, as a child, my mom took us to Mexico for a month to visit family. We were in south central Mexico at high elevation. I can’t remember the name of the hurricane but in was in 2003 and struck the gulf area of Veracruz. I was three hours by car away from the place where it made landfall. I remember there being a lot of rain and my grandparents drive way flooded. I was so excited that I played in the water with a beach ball. Fortunately the mountains blocked the wind, and the worse I saw was some minor flooding.

    Then as a child there was a 5.6 earthquake in my area. I remember trying to sleep and our bunk bed be kept shaking. My brother was getting mad at me because he told me to stop shaking the bed. Right before the earthquake I was shaking the bed pretending there was an earthquake. I had stopped when the earthquake struck and thought he was shaking it. We fought a little while longer and then went to bed. Meanwhile my sister’s bed nearly fell off her bed and thought there was a robber. Luckily there was no damage in our area, just a few plastic lawn chairs fell over!

    Last year I went to Mexico a month before and a month after the big Mexico City quake that killed over 300 people. The earthquake was actually closer to my grandparents town, but they had no immediate damage to their house. It was crazy because only the churches were damaged. Many had collapsed bell towers and huge cracks. I have pictures of a church on top of the Cholula pyramid before and after the quake. They’re kind of Erie. Then when I was leaving for Mexico City, waze told us to go straight, but there was a collapsed building in the road, so we had to go around it. The entire street was blocked off. Luckily my entire family was safe, but my aunts coworkers apartment building collapsed.

    Thanks for reading!

    And a speacial prayer to those in North Carolina, including my cousin in New Bern where Florence is currently making landfall!


    Re: Have you ever been in a natural disaster?

    I have never been in a natural disaster but it sounds terrifying. I hope that the hurricanes season this year does not cause as much fatality as last yeat--unfortunately, although there will be some fatalities. I can't imagine being stuck in storms and not being able to do anything to help the situation. My heart goes out to all of them