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    What are some signs you are getting older?

    created by cramergirl 63 days 1 hour 30 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What are some signs you are getting older?

    Hey CNET!

    What are some signs you are getting older?

    The one I always hear is that you know you are getting older when you are losing friends. That one is really unfortunate, but I have found it to be true.

    Another one I have found is that you know you are getting older when coupons start to excite you. I get to treat myself to a Papa Murphy’s pizza thanks to a lovely coupon I got in the mail! I stayed in budget and I got to spoil myself! Yayyy!

    Have a great day!


    Re: What are some signs you are getting older?

    Hey Erin,

    Hope your day is going well. I hear you on the friends point, and on couponing!

    A sure sign I'm getting older is I'm able to pay for things myself without asking for help. I'm able to decide where I spend my money in addition.

    Paying bills is a big sign of adulthood, but the responsible and thoughtful spending of the rest of the money I'm able to earn is a nice choice of getting older.


    Re: What are some signs you are getting older?

    Hi Erin,

    Sad, but true on the friendship issue. My true friend circle has absolutely tightened. And, I have found that my sister is my best friend as I've gotten older! She is someone that I can truly count on and we don't even live in the same state.

    Here's a "you know your getting older" sign that I find to be more and more true ,,, You discover that you have a favorite GROCERY store. And, you find that you get upset when they rearrange the items in the store and you can no longer find your favorite things.

    And, of course, the bills. You pay ALL of your own bills!!! Uugghhhhhh!!!!

    I hope your semester is off to a good start,


    Re: What are some signs you are getting older?

    Hey Hey!

    I know one definite sign that I am getting older is general aches and pains. Nothing severe or serious, I'm only 32, but there is definitely a difference when just sleeping in a bad position can mess you up for a whole day afterwards. That and I am seriously starting to crave some Butterscotch.

    Re: What are some signs you are getting older?

    Hey Erin,

    Umm so you had me at coupons for Papa Murphys pizza! They have the best gluten free pizza so now I’m drooling! Hmm that sounds delightful!

    As for your post, I think a huge sign of getting older is that your decisions keep getting bigger and bigger and often start to affect more and more people. So decisions get scary and harder. So yeah it’s weird!

    Have a great day,

    Re: What are some signs you are getting older?

    Hey Erin!

    First you will not lose all your friends just people that should not be in your life because you find out they aren’t really your friends, people who don’t put much effort into your friendship because life happens.

    Paying your bills of course ...along with feeling tired because you work everyday ....I have also noticed that I no longer look like a baby. Also, you start to care about your credit and savings. It’s important to take care of your credit score haha it can definitely limit your life in various ways. Pay your bills on time.

    If you are a person who often ponders about will notice that your priorities are no longer the same such as going out to party with friends vs getting things done for your future.

    I also make more time for my family than my friends. You realize that your family matters a lot and start to appreciate them more than ever.

    Good day Erin

    Re: What are some signs you are getting older?

    old is when your hair turns gray & you can't see tiny print on your phone...
    old is when your high school & college buddies start to die off...
    old is when you couldn't care less what people think about you & your choice to go back to school.

    life is good!

    Re: What are some signs you are getting older?

    I know for me now that I am 28 I do not have the energy I once had when I was a teenager. I cant stay out late they way I used to I get sleepy early and im ready to

    Re: What are some signs you are getting older?

    Im ready to get in the bed. I also go to bed early im in the bed by 10

    Re: What are some signs you are getting older?


    I've always had tighter circles of friends- and I'm 18 and already have so much white hair. What I've noticed as I got older was simply being more relaxed. I used to be more tense and would be hunched over a lot but now I just walk normally. I'm able to drift off into my head space and not care as much and have gained sooo much patience. I can spend hours doing nothing because I'll have my mind preoccupied.

    Have a good day :)

    Isela ☃

    Re: What are some signs you are getting older?

    Hi cramergirl,

    That’s so true, and sad about friends! I feel bad for all the elderly people out there. I know a 92 year old guy that has a book on his coffee table that’s called “All my friends are dead.” It’s satirical, but speaks some truth.

    For me other than the things you guys have mentioned, I’d say you know you’re getting old when you have to think about your age. I just turned 22 and it’s a pretty easy age to remember, but it got me thinking. I know many of my older coworkers, parents out there, and older people in general keep their age hidden. They tend to have to think of how old they are. Age is just a number to many. When you’re young like us you get excited that you’re getting older, but one day as the clock slows it’s ticking, we will wish we were younger. We will wish we would have enjoyed our youth more, spent our time more wisely, and loved those around us more than we do now. I am starting to feel a little old. Older people would laugh and constantly reaffirm me I’m young, but I can’t think of any coming of age birthdays in my future. 21 is behind me, I guess the next cool birthday is 25 when I can rent a car for cheaper, or 30 :(. I don’t want to be a 30 year old. Being young and stupid has its perks.

    Thanks for the post Erin!