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    What's your complete focus?

    created by bluebella 123 days 5 hours 55 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What's your complete focus?

    What are you working toward, working on or doing today that will take your complete focus?

    I've been working toward passing my licensing exam, and it takes my absolute total focus. I can't do anything else or try to multitask so that all the information sticks. What about you?


    Re: What's your complete focus?

    Hey bella!

    Good luck on your exam! I hope that you'll do great!

    I'm going to clinical later today, so my complete focus will be on any procedures I might have to perform. Even if I am just observing, I need to learn as much as possible, since I'm graduating very soon.

    Good topic!

    Good luck today!

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie

    Re: What's your complete focus?

    Hi Bella,

    Good luck on your exam! That sounds intense.

    I don't have any specific focus today as I have a whole bunch of little things that need to get done. I also want to spend some time enjoying the summer before it's over. Today, I am hosting a few classmates for brunch, going to class, and then maybe a show if I have time to buy tickets. I hope it will be a productive and happy day for all!

    Monica M.

    Re: What's your complete focus?

    My complete focus is giving my son register for school make sure he gets all his shots, school supplies, and everything else that he needs. Another part of my complete focus is to not be depended upon drugs. I have to take it a minute at a time, but today these are my complete focuses.

    Re: What's your complete focus?

    Hey There Bella,

    Wowza, study crunch time for sure!

    Today, I am focused on getting ready for company. I've got some deep cleaning to do and some stashing of things as well,,,guests won't check in closets right??? I will also be running to the grocery store and Walmart.

    Good luck on that exam,,,kick some booty!:)


    Re: What's your complete focus?

    Hey Bella

    My complete focus today is to get all my posts done for College net and vote twice as I am on a mini vacation with some friends and we are getting ready to do a wine tour here in the fingerlakes.

    Good luck with your exam!!!

    Thanks for the forum and have a good one!


    Re: What's your complete focus?


    There are two main things I am working toward:

    1) Studying for my School Nurse Board Certification- this will require much studying which I am just starting to do and certainly could use much more of my focus.

    2) My meditation and mindfulness practices. I got a book yesterday that really invigorated me in the area of medication practice. I am really wanting to take my practice deeper and am doing that in several different ways. I am currently taking an online meditation course to strengthen my practice and will introduce mindfulness into the school where I work. I also started my own mindfulness group in the community and recently increased my own meditation practice time from 25 to 30 minutes.

    Both of these items could use my intense focus to make the most of these two opportunities.

    Great forum!

    - Wanderer

    Re: What's your complete focus?

    Hey there Bella,

    Praying for you on your licensing exam! I'm sure you'll do very well! this is a bit of a tough question for me as there are a few tasks I've been in the process of completing between moving, starting school and gathering my supplies thus and setting up the new apartment, but I suppose what I'm now most focused on is finding a new job/scholarships. I'm pretty shot for cash, so I've been doing all I can in those areas to find some income/find ways to pay for school. Thanks for the forum! Helped me slow down a reflect a bit!


    Re: What's your complete focus?

    Hey Bella,

    I don't have a huge, consuming focus right now. I find myself happier on days when I can scatter my attention amongst a few things without being too hung up on one thing. Methinks... I might be a little scared of being all consumed in something.


    Re: What's your complete focus?

    Sometimes posting to CollegeNet takes my complete focus, when I'm distracted it takes much longer to finish and my responses won't be as well written!

    When I am working on a drafting project that also takes 100 percent focus since distractions lead to mistakes, which can cause a domino effect when it's discovered later.

    Good luck on your exam :)


    Re: What's your complete focus?


    Good luck on your exam! As I get older, it seems to take longer for me to focus on anything. But the thing I end up focusing on is music. I have gigs where, for financial reasons, I have to play the bass and the keyboard parts at the same time. It is the only time I have ever broken a sweat while playing the keyboard. Your brain processes chunks of songs and each hand has a plan similar to what a sports team might practice. For example, the left hand executes a line while the right hand arpeggiates a chord while adding one or two non harmonic tones to spice things up. Before each chunk is over, you need to anticipate the next one. Sometimes the chunks are only a measure long, each measure is about two seconds long and there are 32 chunks in a song. It feels like you're a character in a Star Wars movie using the force and your light saber to parry the blasts from the enemy. Only in Star Wars, no one ever makes a mistake.

    Here's a tip for focusing. Sit very still, control your breathing as though you are hiding from something or someone the way an animal does when it sees you are near. Don't think about anything. When I do this, I realize I was thinking about something unrelated to the task at hand. Do I need to go grocery shopping? What's that new sound my car makes? Will humanity pollute the earth so much that all my grandchildren will die? All of these are important and, arguably, more important than whatever I am about to do. But since none of them is relevant, it is important that I put them all away. Take control of yourself, then you can focus.