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    DNA testing- have you done it?

    created by bluedolphin 145 days 4 hours 18 minutes ago

    Category: World

    DNA testing- have you done it?

    Hey everyone,

    So my friend and I were talking about DNA testing and the various "test kits" they have put, like or 23 and me.

    It got me thinking about doing one. I dont know much about my fathers side of the family and thought it might be interesting.

    My friend did one and was really surprised by the results.

    So...Would you do a DNA test? Do you know anyone who has? Which test did you or someone you know use? Did you think it was expensive?

    Looking forward to reading your responses.



    Re: DNA testing- have you done it?

    Hi, no I haven't mainly because I don't quite trust them. My cousin had hers sent in as part of a school project but I'm not quite ready to have my DNA be on a file somewhere and a couple of places had gotten in trouble for a couple of workers stating they deliberately sent the wrong records to some individuals to mess with them.

    - W

    Re: DNA testing- have you done it?


    No i haven’t done it but would love to do it. I really want to know what all i am mixed with.

    Re: DNA testing- have you done it?

    Hello BlueDolphin.

    I have done my DNA testing and am so glad I did. My girlfriend bought one for me for christmas and it may have been the best christmas gift ever. I got mine done through 23 and Me.

    The best of luck in getting your results. Thanks for the forum.

    Re: DNA testing- have you done it?

    Hey Kathy,

    I have never had my DNA tested but, like you, I'm very curious to have mine done! My brother in law got his done, and also traced his dad's side of the family back pretty far and found their grave sites in Ireland. As I get older and now have a family of my own, I think it's more and more important to know your history and where you came from.

    Great forum! Thank you!


    Re: DNA testing- have you done it?


    I've thought about it but, since I am an expert procrastinator, my survivors will need to do it for me. Come to think of it, since they are also expert procrastinators, it will probably have to wait until future archeologists unearth my remains. On top of that, there's the fact that I rarely spend money on myself. Since I spend all my money on loved ones and music equipment, there's nothing left for genetic testing. Heck, I don't even go to the doctor.

    Recently, I acquired an incentive to get tested. When I read some of the curses and epithets the Scots hurled at Trump during his latest visit, I thought to myself "Oh PLEASE let me be Scottish!" I want to find out I have relatives in Inverness, go for a visit and buy them a beer or three, learn to play bagpipes and acquire their accent. If the test costs $200 and a quart of saliva, so be it! No kilts though, that's where I draw the line.

    Re: DNA testing- have you done it?


    I've completed the 23&Me DNA testing with the "health" add-on. My kit ended up being free due to a promo 23&Me was running on Twitter. I was quite surprised by my genetic make-up! I had much more range in my DNA than I had initially thought. I want my parents to complete a test so that I can learn more about where each part of my DNA originates. I've also learned a bit more about my "health" as far as DNA goes. Plus, I've also discovered some of my DNA relatives through the site.