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    Do Kids Still Play/Roam Outside Anymore?

    created by Auntiec 144 days 9 hours 57 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do Kids Still Play/Roam Outside Anymore?

    Hi CNet,

    It's summer,,,where are all of the kids? When I was young, we played outside all summer long. Kids played in the yard, rode bikes, went to the park, set up pools and sprinklers, etc. I hardly ever see that anymore even in the evenings or weekends when daycare kids would be home.

    Have you noticed this? Why do you think it is that way? Could it be for safety reasons or are kids into other things like technology, television, etc.? Maybe "free range" children/parenting style is just frowned upon these days!

    What do you think?



    Re: Do Kids Still Play/Roam Outside Anymore?

    HI Auntiec:

    I would have to agree with you. When I was younger and growing up, I spent almost every summer day at my grandparents' house splashing around in the pool. Now, the pool usually sits empty most days, and I rarely see kids over at the neighborhood park. I think technology and lifestyle changes have had a large impact on outdoor play. I know my younger cousin loves to come home from sport's practice to play video games with his friends. On the contrary, one of my best friends tries to encourage her kids to get outdoors as much as possible. She's always going on camping trips, taking the kids for walks, and getting them involved in playing outside. It's great to see their interaction with the outdoors. I'm not entirely sure why there's been such a drastic change, but I think people's lives have become more hectic and technology has taken hold of everyday living.