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    Are You A Good Test Taker?

    created by Unique_girl17 147 days 7 hours 19 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Are You A Good Test Taker?

    Good Morning CNET,

    Congratulations to yesterday's Election Winners :)

    My Questions for today is:

    1) Are you a good or bad test taker?

    2) Do you believe that there's a such thing as being a good or bad test taker?

    3) Should school stopped judging students based on their test scores?


    I don't think that there is a such thing as being a good or bad test taking because everyone learns differently. As a child, I hated how schools would judge students based on their teat scores alone and I still do. I think its unfair and very inaccurate. Sometimes the exams in class may not be the same as the ones that the state prepare and the exams are always tricky.

    Some students could tackle tricky question and some may not. There are really good students who study and attend school everyday but still do poorly on exams.

    I really think that teachers/ professor should start getting students familiarized with how the state's exam is set up and give them study guides according to what they will take like, ACT/SAT, ACS, MCAT, PERT, Etc.

    What do you guys think ?

    Thanks for reading my forum and have a wonderful day!

    - Unique

    Re: Are You A Good Test Taker?

    Hey Unique!

    When it comes to testing like the ACT or SAT I do not do as well. The fact that they are both timed and have a certain amount of questions really stresses you out. So I totally agree with you that I hate those kinds of exams! I also agree with you that teachers should let students get more familiar with the exams around when they are freshmen. I was definitely that person who attended school every day and studied so much but did not get the grade I wanted. I also do not like how some colleges or scholarships base everything off of your ACT/SAT score. I feel like those scores do not really reflect the student at all.

    Great forum!

    Re: Are You A Good Test Taker?

    Hi Unique,

    This is a great topic! I tend to struggle when it comes to "standardized" testing methods, such as the SAT or GRE. In many cases, I let my nerves get the best of me due to the material and time crunch that is placed on the exams. In the end, I don't think that they're very accurate representations of a student's abilities or knowledge. I would have to agree with you that testing methods depend on the student's learning methods. For me, science-based tests like biology always came fairly easily to me, but I always struggled with advanced maths like statistics and physics. I think testing comes with learning styles and comfort levels with the material at hand. I don't agree with the nature of standardized testing strategies, but they're pretty widely used for college admission.

    Re: Are You A Good Test Taker?

    Hey Unique :o)!

    I am now good at taking tests as a rising senior in high school; however, this has not always been the case. In my earlier years (the first several years of grade school), I struggled academically, with a lot of it due to my autism syndrome. A lot of things normal kids did (including taking tests) came quite hard for me, really. I don't think doing well on SATs, ACTs, or AP exams were even on the horizon in the eyes of my parents or therapists. However, besides my therapy (and a miracle), I would say that my test-taking skills all boils down to practice. I think someone can be good or bad as a test-taker, but they don't always have to stay bad. Via hard, dedicated practice (as I have done for my SAT test and my 4 AP exams), doing well on tests in general is very much quite possible :o)! I will tell you, there is ALWAYS hope when it comes to doing well on tests!

    As for your last point, I would say that test-taking should play some type of role in college admissions, as it allows for colleges to have a relatively (albeit sometimes imperfect) standard of comparison. However, I don't think that colleges should rely heavily on test scores to determine one's admission to that college or university. Holistic review of a candidate student is always the best way to go :o)! Background (family history, personal history, struggles, etc.), test scores, GPA, extracirriculars, and expressed passions should ALL play part in one's admission to college.

    Very nice question, by the way! Have a wonderful day :o)!

    - jfendi

    Re: Are You A Good Test Taker?

    Hi Unique!

    I have for the most part done well on tests, but I hate them. I do not think they are necessarily the best indicator that you have learned the subject matter well. I would rather have a final project or essay than an exam. I also do not like being timed when taking a test. I feel rushed and am more likely to make a mistake because I know the clock is ticking. Depending on the subject and questions being asked, I may like to take my time to process information or really think about how the question is worded, and timed tests don't allow for that. There are also tests I have done really well on because I am pretty good at memorizing information, but that doesn't mean I really grasped the big picture and understood everything. I do think there are people that do not do well on tests because they are nervous, and that doesn't mean they do not get it. They could do well the entire class but tank a final. I have a friend like this. I would be for eliminating tests altogether and replacing them with something else that demonstrates you can apply the information learned.

    Re: Are You A Good Test Taker?

    Hey unique =)
    The question about scholastic tests, and how well-we take them, invariably comes down to preparation.
    There's a cultural melting pot, and I try to educate the soup. I don't believe I take tests well, I definitely
    don't like those sort of exams. Also I believe that practicing at least six months for the SAt, and at least two for
    something like board exams, is imperative.

    I like the concept of the exams showing that the learning brain, preparation, diligence, even better together with good testing techniques furthermore still ensures the student's success in college, thus.
    The reason the schools weigh your score into acceptance. I agree, nice question!
    that'Il I tend to agree with Jfendi, it's about learning. Have a great weekend!

    Re: Are You A Good Test Taker?

    Hello Unique,

    This is a great questions! I've struggled with test taking throughout my high school and college career. I feel that every semester, my study skills and test taking strategies have changed to fit the course I was taking. It was very stressful because of the fact that I would have to adjust to a different class very quickly. I honestly don't know if I am a good or bad test taker because for me I can study a lot it's more so if I understand the concepts that are being learned. I personally don't believe that there is a such thing as being a good or bad test taker. People have different ways of learning and testing their knowledge. For example, I prefer short answer, essay, fill in the blank exams rather than multiple choice/ True or False. Some people prefer oral exams, while other people prefer no form.Furthermore, there is many factors that determine exam performance.Many students are nervous walking into an exam, while others aren't sure what they should be studying for, or they are struggling to grasp the concepts. I know at my high school our funding was heavily based off or exam scores, which I thought wasn't fair. I also believe that universities shouldn't rely so much on student SAT/ACT scores to determine whether they can enter college.

    I believe that if we can teach test-taking strategies, many people's nerves would be calm and we would we be more comfortable with taking exams. I took a class like this at the community college I attended and it honestly worked wonders. One of the main strategies I learned was that if you're taking a multiple choice exam, go through and read the choices first before reading the questions. This helps you to better understand what you're looking for. I also like to outline the most important features of the questions because one word can change the whole answer and throw us off.

    I really like this question and I feel that it is something we often neglect when thinking about test taking,

    Re: Are You A Good Test Taker?


    No. I am not. I get nervous and forget everythibg