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    Cost of a Wedding

    created by jwade13 124 days 7 hours 23 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Cost of a Wedding

    Good morning CNet,

    I sometimes watch wedding shows on TLC and I'm always curious to see the cost of different items for a wedding.
    What do you think a normal cost of a wedding is? I have friends that have had $50-60,000 weddings and I mean that could buy half of a house here!! I also know people hat spend $8-10,000.

    What do you think is a good cost for a wedding. I mean it is just one day. I know it's a special day, but still! I think I'd rather have the extra money for an awesome honeymoon or to put it down on a future larger house for a future family.


    Re: Cost of a Wedding

    Hey Jess!

    While I did love our wedding day, halfway through planning, I wished i listened to my husband's wish to elope, haha. Not only are weddings expensive, but planning is stressful, and the wedding gets built up into a huge thing by the end. We spent under 6K for ours, and that was a "budget" wedding... they are just expensive, almost regardless of size.

    My friend is having her wedding this month and it is about 30K...

    I think you are totally right about the money being better spent during the honeymoon. We had a Honeyfund and that helped us have a great time.

    Good topic!

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie

    Re: Cost of a Wedding

    Hey Jess,

    My husband and I spent about $150 on our wedding, $300 on the photographer, and about $2,000 on a really fun trip to Vegas that we brought our witnesses on with us. A big wedding wasn't important to us at all, what was important to us was the beginning of spending our lives together! We didn't have the money for a big wedding, and we didn't value it, either. We were able to livestream our wedding at Cupid's Chapel in Las Vegas, so all of our friends and family could watch from across the country! It was so cool! Everyone had viewing parties. We made a Facebook group so people could talk to each other. It was hilarious to go back through it and read all the comments while we tied the knot. It was absolutely the perfect way for us to start our marriage.

    I agree with you, I'd rather put a chunk of money on a house, paying off my student loans, or travelling. I love the way my husband and I got married and it was perfect for us. I think weddings are very personal and people should do whatever they feel is right for them.

    Thanks for the forum!


    Re: Cost of a Wedding

    Hey Jess,
    Omg that is insane! I would be sick to my stomach if I spent that much on my wedding. In total for our wedding, we spent about $5,000. This included my dress, the reception hall and booze and food for about 400 people. We had a taco bar and it was awesome! I am really happy with my wedding and wouldn't have wanted it any other way.


    Re: Cost of a Wedding

    I'm sure it varies from place to place but when I reached out to venues for our wedding the rock bottom quote I received was $28,000 for the hall, waitstaff, tables, linens, A/V equipment, food, booze, and event coordinator.

    I hate spending money but we have a lot of people coming from far away so we wanted to make it worth the trip for them. The site is also special to us because our first night together was spent on the summit where the ceremony will take place *weather permitting*.

    I'm sure I could have done it more affordably by doing everything myself but a) I'm not that organized and b) I don't want to put that much stress on myself worrying that the day of something vital like the caterer or chairs won't show up!

    Hats off to you Morgan, that's incredible that you could feed that many people for so little :O

    Re: Cost of a Wedding

    Hey Jess!

    I really think it depends on how many people are coming to your wedding and where you have your wedding. My parents did not spend that much on their wedding because they did a lot of the planning on their own. I think they only spent around $5,000 for everything. Their wedding was small so that is one of the reasons and we did a lot of the decorating ourselves.

    I agree with you when all of the money you are putting into your wedding could be put into your house or something else. I think you could use that money towards your loans or a new car. It just really depends on the person and how big they want their wedding.

    Re: Cost of a Wedding

    Hi Jess!

    I completely agree with you! I think it is ridiculous to pay 60,000 and over for a wedding! I also would rather go on a really nice honeymoon or buy a car or have a down payment for a house.

    The focus of wedding should be on your significant other and the marriage, not on the wedding day and the material things.You are right, it is just one day and then it is done and then the couple who spends all that money is stuck with the debt of the wedding, unless the parents paid for it and that is no way to start out a marriage, being in debt.

    I loved my wedding, we had 400 people there, we did a lot of the things ourselves, but it was humble but nice and I think the total we spent was 5,000 for everything. We did have some connections on items like the linens and cake, so we were lucky there because we had relatives that had those kinds of businesses so they were free. But for the most part there are was to make weddings less expensive and the turn out just as nice. I always thought it was funny the that the bride and groom stress out trying to make their guests so happy and have a good time, it should be about them.

    Thank you for the thought provoking discussion! Have a great Thursday!


    Re: Cost of a Wedding

    Everyone is going to have different tastes when it comes to what is proper for a wedding. I pitied a classmate of mine, as she was engaged and planning her wedding, but she was getting overwhelmed with how much things were costing and how people were telling her what she needed to buy. Her mother was trying to tell her that she should be getting this fancy catering for the reception, but the catering for it would be $25 a plate, and with a ton of guests, that would really rack up the bill! If I remember correctly, she and her fiance were perfectly fine doing buffalo wings that came in your average tin pan for the reception, much to the horror of their families, who thought a three course meal was better.

    While I've never been engaged nor planned a wedding, I would like to keep it simple if I ever became a bride. I don't believe in having all of the glitz and the glam, and I'd be perfectly happy with something simple and not over the top. If we need decorations, I'll be happy with just having a flower or balloon archway to get married under, and as for food, we can go out to eat for that (after we change clothes, of course!), and everyone can pay for their own meal. Fun forum!

    Re: Cost of a Wedding

    The cost of a wedding, or to have a "nice" one, is atrocious. I recently discovered this after being engaged and even with a smaller wedding (25-50) people the dollar signs add up QUICK. My fiance and me eventually decided it was best to just spend 1/2 the amount of money, elope with just the 2 of us (after all that's who it's all about), then have a reception/ party afterwards with our friends and relatives.

    Re: Cost of a Wedding

    Hello married peeps,

    I am not married but I do watch plenty of "Disney Fairytale Wedding", "Say yes to the Dress", and "Four Weddings.". I also used to watch "Who's wedding is it anyway?" until It stopped coming on? (If anyone knows where I can find it please let me know).

    If I was rich I would have the most extravagant wedding. But If I'm not I would definetly do something low-budget and I would spend most of my money on the honeymoon.

    With love (and hopefully marriage one day lolol) Shayla,