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    Ordering your groceries on line

    created by Madieoos 125 days 3 hours 23 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Ordering your groceries on line

    Good morning!

    Do you guys prefer to order your groceries online and pick it up at the store or just go to the grocery store?


    Re: Ordering your groceries on line


    My mom is in charge of our groceries. She goes to the store. She wants to have control over the quality of the produce and meat that she buys (or chooses not to buy if it doesn't meet her standards). It also costs more. Those are good points, but a lot of people are doing it, so it must be worth it for the convenience.

    How about you? Are you considering it?

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Ordering your groceries on line

    Hello Madieoos.

    I've personally never ordered groceries online before. Not the I'm opposed to ever doing it though. Given the opportunity to order groceries online, I'd definitely try it and continue to do it, especially if those experiences are positive. What is it like to order groceries online?

    Re: Ordering your groceries on line

    Hi there,

    I have never ordered groceries online. I guess i just never considered doing it. I may give it a try someday just to see how efficient and effective it is.


    Re: Ordering your groceries on line

    I enjoy touching and seeing the groceries I want for the house. I personally feel some type of way about some people who uses this grocery online order method. But only the ones who are just lazy. I understand if people may need the method for medical reasons or very busy schedule, I guess. But, I've seen people in the pickup lane at the grocery store I go to, and it just be a overweight mid age woman in her van while the workers even load up her car. To me, overweight because you just are or for medical, why not come in and actually get a little exercise by walking, SMH. And this is the kind of customer I see literally every single time!

    Re: Ordering your groceries on line

    I always go to the store, I have never considered buying groceries online, grocery buying is an impulse thing for me personally.


    Re: Ordering your groceries on line


    I love going to the grocery store! Something about seeing everything in my cart and being able to make sure everything is correct is pleasing. One thing i could get rid of is waiting in the checkout lines!

    Have a good one!

    Re: Ordering your groceries on line


    I have never ordered my groceries. I do think it’s convenient for people who are on the go a lot and are super busy, especially if you have children or is handicapped. However, I usually just go to the store and buy my groceries.