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    How important is education to you?

    created by Muka10 125 days 15 hours 18 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    How important is education to you?

    Hey CNET!

    How important is education to you?

    When it comes to education, I believe it's important to have some level of education. At least high school education. What is your view on this?

    Have a great day!


    Re: How important is education to you?

    Hi, I believe that sometimes we should teach common sense lessons as some of the smartest people really seem to have no clue and a fancy degree doesn't always teach the correct things. My grandpa only had a 3rd-grade education but he could do so many things. I do believe that schools need to teach a college track and vocational skills track because not every kid needs nor wants to go to college.

    - W

    Re: How important is education to you?

    hey Muka!

    I think education is very important. In my experience, I have learned so much during my college years. I was very ignorant about an infinite amount of things....I believe my college experience helped me understand the world better, so yes education is important.

    I don't mean to say that everyone needs a university level education, but I do think it's essential to have some type of higher level education.


    Re: How important is education to you?

    Hey Muka,

    I think a formal education is a lot less important than I used to believe that it was. After I achieved my undergrad and graduate degrees, I was left with student debt, and I was also in a place where I realized that work isn't everything. In the grand scheme of things, money can't replace relationships or feelings of self worth. I also feel that education is over priced, and we've created such an immense value on it in our society, people feel unworthy if they don't go and get a four year degree, because they feel like it's what they're supposed to do.

    I also feel a lot of what formal education teaches is worthless. Some of the most impactful people of our time didn't get a degree. There's a lot of life skills that I learned on my own, not from school, that I find most valuable.

    I also believe that we have an abundance of information with the internet, that can give us the ability to learn any skills that we want to learn. However, education costs more than ever. It doesn't make sense in terms of supply and demand. I think learning is important, but our educational system needs a total reform to be worth it and make sense.

    Thanks for the post!

    Re: How important is education to you?

    I'm in agreement with the other posts. Education is important and the lifelong journey of learning is something that should never be forgotten but the cost of formal education is insane. I really wish I had made smarter decisions when I was 18 but I thought it was what I had to do...go to a 4 year University and not worry about student loan debt because I would get a high paying job right out of school...haha right.. but overall, I value my education and I will make that a top priority for my children too.


    Re: How important is education to you?

    Hey Muka,

    Education to me is important. However, I do not believe that College is for everyone nor do I believe that everyone needs to learn in the same way. I am in agreement with the others who have relplied to this post that higher education is way too expensive and should not be a measure of someone's self worth.

    I do believe that a high school diploma is important, and will help you in life.

    Thanks for the forum,