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    How often do you ask the internet for help?!

    created by cramergirl 124 days 9 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    How often do you ask the internet for help?!

    Hey CNet!

    How often do you ask the internet for help? What kind of things do you usually look up?

    I think I don't rely too much on my phone, but I do. I ask the internet for advice all the time! "How to jump a car", "Emma Watson make-up tutorial", "Where is the nearest Taco Bell". If my phone and Google weren't there to save me, I don't know how I would survive! Haha

    What about you?

    Have a good day!


    Re: How often do you ask the internet for help?!

    Hi Erin,

    I am really a big user of Google, so I pretty much ask the internet for help all the time. For educational purpose, since I am a Computer Science major, it is pretty normal to ask others for help online, since it is one of the best ways for us to learn new things. For many real-life lessons such as the stock market or finance, I also have to ask Google for help. Things just get so much easier with the Internet!

    Thanks for reading,

    Have a great one!

    - Kevin -

    Re: How often do you ask the internet for help?!


    I ask the internet for help all the time. Usually about things on the internet. I ask what types of rules are placed on certain websites. I want to make an online business so I am always searching rules that may apply to certain things and how to find loopholes. Google is like my business manager and gives me all my information!



    Re: How often do you ask the internet for help?!

    Hi, I use the internet frequently for directions, restaurants, questions on school work, or sports and many more. Our cell phones have made things like that so much easier than years ago. I can't even imagine trying to find a location with a map instead of my phone telling me when to turn.

    - W

    Re: How often do you ask the internet for help?!

    All the time. I do it at work or at home anytime I have a question. tonight I googled when to use the words me and myself.

    Love it!

    Re: How often do you ask the internet for help?!

    Hi Erin,

    Oh man, I rely on the internet for practically everything! I have searched for "how to apply for a job at company x," "best restaurants," "how to spell ......," and so much more. I also use my GPS just to drive across my own town (which is not large at all), I use Quizlet all the time to study, and I look up music terminology online. Once when I was younger, I even searched for "how to boil an egg!"

    Thanks for the fun post! Have a nice night!

    Re: How often do you ask the internet for help?!

    But I enjoy looking up words I do or do not know and discovering their origin.

    For instance.. a word a friend and I looked up the other day on google-- aura. We were both fascinated by its origin, 'originating denoting a gentle breeze', 'breeze, breath'. Never would have known that tidbit of information if not for google.

    noun: aura; plural noun: aurae; plural noun: auras
    the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.
    "the ceremony retains an aura of mystery"
    synonyms: atmosphere, ambience, air, quality, character, mood, feeling, feel, flavor, tone, tenor;emanation; informalvibe
    "an aura of sophistication"
    a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature, viewed by mystics, spiritualists, and some practitioners of complementary medicine as the essence of the individual, and allegedly discernible by people with special sensibilities.
    any invisible emanation, especially a scent or odor.
    "there was a faint aura of disinfectant"
    a warning sensation experienced before an attack of epilepsy or migraine.
    late Middle English (originally denoting a gentle breeze): via Latin from Greek, ‘breeze, breath.’ Current senses date from the 18th century.

    Re: How often do you ask the internet for help?!

    My go-to presumption is that I know nothing, and the internet likely knows something, and my only job is to separate the cold hard facts of the universe out of whatever swill all the trolls and flat earthers have been putting online. Always double check your facts! But yes, internet for the win.

    Kinda makes the recent repeal of net neutrality a huge kick to the metaphorical soft parts of any of us. Science can't pay for the same kinds of access as news? My god...that could mark the beginning of the end of civilization.