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    How long do you exercise for?

    created by Wanderlust618 125 days 19 hours 44 minutes ago

    Category: Sports

    How long do you exercise for?

    Aloha CollegeNet,

    I was reading about what goes on in your body as a result of how long you exercise for: 5-10 minutes of running each day has the potential to reduce risk of stroke and heart attack; 20 minutes of aerobic exercise can alter your DNA for the better; 30 minutes of running can promote significant weight loss; 60 minutes of running will lead to a post-workout metabolic rate increase 5x that of your regular rate compared to only 30 minutes of running. The benefits of exercise are countless but we all have to figure out for ourselves what is the right amount and how long is too much? Can you exercise for too long at time? What’s your limit?

    I enjoy running for exercise and have been working on increasing my mileage as I prepare to run the Honolulu Marathon in December. Yesterday I ran for about an hour. What’s a good amount of time for exercising daily? 20 minutes? 30 minutes? An hour? Or more?

    I look forward to reading your insights!

    - Wanderer

    Re: How long do you exercise for?


    I workout around 1hr 30mins a day. I have a board with work out routines. The goal is to compete the workout twice in a day along with cardio( running , biking , swimming). So the total working the day is about an hour and a half. It all depends on what you are comfortable with. I have heard of 7 min routines you do twice a day and it still yields results along with eating the right food ! exercise is only 30% of weight loss. The other 70% is how you eat!



    Re: How long do you exercise for?

    Hey Wanderer!

    I am such a wimp when it comes to exercising!

    Generally, I exercise for about 30 minutes a day. I like to run at my own pace for 30 minutes and then do some stretching. About 3 times a week I will go to yoga! I also try to stretch every night!

    My main way of staying healthy is my diet. I try to eat really clean. I should exercise more so that my stamina will increase, and I will be able to do more. Maybe I can try and run for 60 minutes a day, so I get those awesome benefits!

    Good luck on your Marathon! Have a great day!


    Re: How long do you exercise for?

    Hey Wanderer!

    I love to exercise, but with two jobs and collegeNET this summer, it just isn't happening as much as I would hope. If I do exercise, I go for a 10-15 min run at the very least. If I have time, then I will do more exercise, like using a rowing machine, or doing stuff like mountain-climbers and pushups. I also will go lift with my friend for an hour to an hour an a half when I can.

    So basically, I just exercise as much as I can, which results in highly varying times.

    Thanks for the forum!


    Re: How long do you exercise for?

    Hey Wanderer,

    I usually like to exercise a minimum of 20 minutes a day. The most I'll do is usually my hot yoga class and that's 75 minutes. I view exercise almost as a job. Something that you have to do daily and it helps me stay healthy and live a better life. It also gives me a lot of energy.


    Re: How long do you exercise for?

    Hey Wanderer!

    Happy training and enjoy your marathon! I love running, too. I've done about ten marathons and four ultras. I had my first baby in March, and haven't gotten back into a good running routine yet. Right now, I'll just go out for ten to twenty minutes until I get my mileage back up. I'm thinking of signing up for a half later this year to have something to train for again.

    Right now, a good amount of time for me to exercise is about thirty minutes. I hope to get back up to an hour or so soon! I really enjoy exercise of all sorts.

    Marathons are so much fun and the training is so rewarding. Have a great time!


    Re: How long do you exercise for?


    I normally exercise for a hour everyday. I have work out routines, I would run/ walk for 30 minutes and exercise for another 30 minutes.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: How long do you exercise for?

    Howdy Wanderer,

    Great job on keeping yourself fit! Running for more than half an hour daily like you do will surely improve your health significantly.

    Personally, I don’t do much regular exercises, but rather play a lot of sports, such as soccer, badminton, rock climbing and sometimes swimming. I spend about more than an hour playing some or all of these sports with my friends daily, which is really enjoyable. In my opinion, a good amount of time for exercising daily would be at least 30 minutes (maybe from 30 minutes to an hour), and it would be best if you can exercise with friends.

    Thanks for reading,

    Have a wonderful day!

    - Kevin -

    Re: How long do you exercise for?

    Hi, I generally exercise anywhere from a half hour to 2 hours, depending on the time and the type of exercise that I am participating in. I was just getting some stamina back. Now, I am on the injured list again, so my exercise will be very limited and soon be non-existent for at least a month as I will have to baby my leg. It is such a pain, as I was getting some definition back in my muscles after getting injured a year ago. Now I will turn soft and skinny again.

    - W