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    What will you do after college?

    created by Princess Manapua 124 days 14 hours 23 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What will you do after college?

    Good morning College Netsters!

    The transition from college to the real world is an exciting part of scholastic achievement and life. Hopefully, you know your self more, what you are interested in, what you're not. But more importantly, what will make you happy in the work that you choose. For those that are currently attending college, what do you plan on doing after you graduate? Travel abroad, immediately enroll back into school for a higher education degree? Join the workforce? Chill out and get your bearings straight after an exhausting programming? Do the laundry that has been piling up for a month? Take up surfing lessons?

    Would love to hear from you.

    Re: What will you do after college?

    Well, I definitely wanted to do the laundry, haven't yet and it's been over a year! That could be an exaggeration. I honestly thought I'd have more time for hiking, hobbies, playing in the ocean, or running around outside....but mostly I'm just working! I mean it's cool, and I have side jobs that are awesome and help pay the bills, but I definitely want to take more time for me and have a bit of an actual life too.

    Licensure, student loans, rent, food to is expensive! Does anyone know if I can get a groupon discount or something for the rest of my 30's?

    I'd love to get better at free diving.

    Re: What will you do after college?


    I just graduated 3 months ago and am currently working and trying to find a nursing job. I want to enjoy the sumer before I dive into a new nurse job!



    Re: What will you do after college?


    I finished college a few years ago and I jumped right into the workforce and have been there ever since. Luckily without homework and massive amounts of reading I have more time for me and the things that I enjoy! It's always great to get outside and spend time hiking, at the beach, enjoying the company of friends, dating and just having more of a life without school being at the forefront. Who knows- hopefully I'll travel more, maybe write a book and read more books for fun too!

    Thanks for the forum!


    Re: What will you do after college?

    Hi there!

    I graduate this coming May so time is approaching fast! My plan is to get a teaching job that coming school year (August) but for the summer before, I want to travel a bit. I know my best friend will be living in Japan for some time, I would like to go visit her or I'll go island hopping in Hawaii (I'm currently living there for the summer and next spring for student teaching).


    Re: What will you do after college?


    You got me! I will have to do my huge load of laundry after graduation. I might not have much time for it during exams and projects of senior year (lol).

    After graduation, I would immediately jump into the workforce (or hopefully I can) after visiting my family back home. My college brings me a great environment and atmosphere, so I will not be so stressful to have a long rest. I also hope that joining the workforce early will give me a chance to get sponsored by my employers for a master degree later on. How great it can be!

    Thanks for reading,

    Have a great one!

    - Kevin -

    Re: What will you do after college?

    Hi, well after graduation I hope that I will already have a job lined up, I hope to stress a high paying job. As of now, I am not even sure what kind of job that I may be going into, but I hope in a year or two I will have a better inclination. It would be nice to be able to go on a vacation with my family before embarking on a full time job, but we will see.

    - W

    Re: What will you do after college?


    Well, I have decided to further my education after I complete my Bachelor of Arts in the Christian Study with an Emphasis in Youth Ministry during this summer. I will be starting my Masters program in Youth and Family Ministry continuing at Grand Canyon University upon graduating in October with my Bachelor of Arts program. Also I am planning to go into the ministry.

    Re: What will you do after college?

    I'm thinking of looking for a job and taking the big licensing exam. I'm working on a master's degree for social work, and we're told that we need to get a job so we can get some experience to work our way up to being a fully licensed social worker, which comes with the big licensing exam, which is pretty hardcore and intense in how they dish it out.

    Re: What will you do after college?

    I really want to contribute somehow in the business world, so I was thinking of becoming a realtor as a starter job after college and build off of that. Or one day my own business with my oldest sister because she’s an interior designer and we could do very well in the town we live in!