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    How many shower do you take a day?

    created by animal lover 126 days 9 hours 26 minutes ago

    Category: Science

    How many shower do you take a day?


    How many showers do you take in the day?

    I personally try to keep a low shower count. I wake up and the first thing I do is work out so I don't take a morning shower. I usually take and afternoon shower and after that I am usually on the computer or something. So I tend to take one shower a day. Unless I am going out or something then I'll take two.

    What about you?


    Re: How many shower do you take a day?

    Hey Julia!

    I take one shower a day max, I usually shower every other day. My skin is super dry, so washing my entire body everyday would be terrible for it! Every one has their own needs though.

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: How many shower do you take a day?

    Hello Julia!
    I too try to keep my showers down to one a day! In the morning I work out in the morning also before school! After my workout I shower and typically that is my only shower for the day unless I work out or do something that makes me sweaty again!

    Have a good day!


    Re: How many shower do you take a day?

    Hey Julia,

    I usually shower at night because I work all day and usually work out right after work, so I don't want to go to bed all sweaty and dirty. I personally hate getting onto clean sheets when I feel like I haven't washed off all of the "gunk" from the day. And it's just way more comfortable to go into bed after a hot shower.


    Re: How many shower do you take a day?

    I always stick with a shower a day. The only times when I'll take two is if my hair needs to be rewashed (it gets greasy easily and it's really annoying if I miss a spot when I could have wore I got it!) or if I've gotten dirty and need to clean up.

    Re: How many shower do you take a day?

    Hi Julia,

    I usually take a shower a day first thing in the morning to wake me up and get me going. If I am painting or doing a tough workout where I just feel icky sweaty afterward then I will take another shower to rejuvenate myself.

    Thanks for the forum,

    Re: How many shower do you take a day?

    Hello Julia!

    I usually stick to one shower a day, mainly in the mornings. If I'm working outside or my pets get me especially messy I'll take another, shorter one later on. There are seven of us here, so I try to keep my showering to a minimum in order to save water.

    Thanks for the forum, and I hope everyone has a productive day/night!