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    Favorite thing about your college

    created by helppleasepharm 125 days 4 hours 52 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Favorite thing about your college


    I will have freshman orientation next week, and I couldn't be more excited! What are some things that you love about your college, or what were some of your favorite college memories?

    Re: Favorite thing about your college


    I like that my college has fast help in the counslers office. I can always just pop in and see an advisor quick and easy.



    Re: Favorite thing about your college


    I've been out of college and grad school for 6 years now, but my favorite thing about college was the independence. Although it can be scary to leave everything that is familiar to you, it's also a great opportunity to be independent and do things on your own. It's also the only way that you'll grow and mature. It can be a big risk and be terrifying, but trust me it's worth it!

    Enjoy your orientation, your best years are ahead of you :)


    Re: Favorite thing about your college


    Good luck with what's ahead for you, especially as a pharm. major! You got this :)

    I loved my school because it was a historical campus, it was a small school of 300 kids in a big university of 30,000 students - so I got the big city feel and the small scale of getting to know my classmates. It was great because there was always something to do, someone to meet, the campus was never sleeping essentially. You could dabble in any kind of sport or group you wanted.

    Have fun!

    Re: Favorite thing about your college


    My favorite thing about my college is that they let us use our books during one of our exams.

    Thanks and have a great day!

    Re: Favorite thing about your college

    Hey Hey!

    That I am one class away from being done with my undergrad baybee!

    Re: Favorite thing about your college

    Hello there,

    Congratulations for making it through your high school senior year. Get ready to thrive in college!

    For me, there are just so many things I love about my college. It is a wonderful technical school with a huge supporting community. The professors that I have got so far has been so helpful and friendly. The faculty advisors (both educational and career-wise) have also been very dedicated. Many peers are also willing to help if I ever struggle. I also love my new friends here: they are smart, friendly, and very energetic.

    My favorite college memory would be my surprise birthday. I went back to my dorm room after my last class, and when I opened the door, all of the sudden my friends jumped from every corner of the room out and sing happy birthday to me. It was really a warm evening.

    Thanks for your forum,

    Have a great one!

    - Kevin -

    Re: Favorite thing about your college


    At this moment I attend Grand Canyon University where I have been there for about 5yrs and I am almost done with my degree in the Bachelor of Arts in the Christian Study with an Emphasis in Youth Ministry and I would graduate in October and start my Masters in Youth and Family Ministry in the Fall. Favorite thing about college is I take classes on line which is time consuming where I can go at my own pace upon completing the work in a timely manner by the due date. As wells as, I have met and made a lot of friends where we have became a family.

    Re: Favorite thing about your college

    Hey! Congrats on making it this far, and get ready for a wild ride!

    I love that my college is built so heavily on community! It's so easy to make friends and find people to mesh with there, and the school does everything it can to keep everyone connected. It's also surprisingly isolated. It's smack dab in the middle of a city, but it feels like we're in our own world. I've just finished my first year, so I don't have any awesome memories stored up quite yet, but I have a feeling sophomore year will be a doozy!

    Thanks for the forum, and I hope everyone has a good day/night!