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    The dreaded counter tip cup....

    created by kltslp38 128 days 1 hour 39 minutes ago

    Category: World

    The dreaded counter tip cup....

    When I was young and working my way through college I was a food server at a few places and I know how hard that job is so I respect it and I am an awesome tipper, if I get good service I tip over 20%. However, I cringe when I see tip cups sitting on counters at places where they people basically just have to ring up your items and hand them to you, there is nothing that they have to go above and beyond for to earn a tip, sometimes on the receipt it has a space to put a tip even and I am thinking, "what would I tip for being polite?" Some things are just expected like being polite. What are your thoughts on tip cups on counters and tipping?


    Re: The dreaded counter tip cup....

    Hey Karen,

    One of the pizza places around here does the same thing. Asking for a tip even when you pick up in the store. This doesn't make sense to me. It makes you feel like you're supposed to tip, but again like you said: for what?

    I would only tip a counter jar if there was some trouble and they gave me amazing customer service fixing it, or went above and beyond in some way. Maybe if you're a regular and the place always does a great job then you want to tip the jar. Otherwise, I think it's best to keep tips for food service as in waiters, delivery drivers, etc.

    Thanks for reading, have a good rest of your day.

    Re: The dreaded counter tip cup....

    Hi Karen,

    I have never worked as a food server, but I do appreciate how hard they work. The counter tip cup, not so much. I pretty much ignore it unless the money is being collected for a cause then I consider it a charitable donation and go ahead and put a few coins in.

    Have a wonderful day and thanks for the forum!


    Re: The dreaded counter tip cup....

    Hi, though my mom worked as a waitress through college she believes that the 20% "rule" is ridiculous and will never give that much. She says that waitresses have multiple tables and unless it is a small diner that does not get much business then the waitresses are making a good wage when you factor in the minimum wage. She does not believe that the government should be able to take your tips into account as that is voluntary. I would never tip for a counter tip jar, the tip thing has gotten a little overboard with the paper lady, the barber, the dog groomer and more thinking they need a tip.

    - W

    Re: The dreaded counter tip cup....

    Hey Karen,

    This is a really great question and one I struggle with as well. I agree that it does seem odd to have a tip jar at the counter when the person is only gi ing you your food and basically that's it. I generally dont tip at the counter tip jar.

    I do however, appreciate how hard the wait staff in restaurants work and almost always tip the 20%, however I also understand how that can be
    really overboard if the prices are really expensive but the work isn't any more than at a diner.

    I think you just have to tip what you feel is fair a d what you are comfortable with. Some will tip more and some will tip less.

    Thanks for the forum!

    Have a good one!


    Re: The dreaded counter tip cup....

    I think this is a some what controversial topic. Yes it is custom to tip wherever you go 15-20%, however, there are a lot of cases where the server/cashier doesn’t really do anything to make the experience just outstanding. My thoughts are if it’s obvious they love their job and they’re working hard then go ahead and tip. Then again you never really know what someone is going through on a daily basis so not tipping them could be highly influential because what if they rely on that extra 15% for groceries or any extra costs? If it feels right to tip or if you’re experience was great then tip because you don’t know if it could make someone’s day or not. :)

    Re: The dreaded counter tip cup....

    I had a class discussion on this a long time ago. It's one thing to tip waiters and waitresses because it's my understanding that it's part of their pay, but those who ask for tips for jobs they're already doing well is going a bit far. The idea that was discussed in our class was that rather than doing your job right, those who have these little tip cups are kind of quietly demanding for more money just for doing something, even something as simple as ringing you up at the register. I do think that in some situations a tip is warranted, especially if someone worked their butt off to help you out and you could tell how much they're struggling to make the best of a sticky situation.

    Re: The dreaded counter tip cup....

    Hello Karen,

    I can relate with your dread. I work at a deli and small cafe where there is counter tip jar. Our jar is ostensibly for folks who want to tip who plan to sit down and have their food delivered to them.
    This could be redundant, and as you imply, awkward, because technically those who want to tip In any case, the tip jar is really the only official place in our store where folks are invited to tip. It might benefit everyone if the tip jar was moved, and people tipped at the table (like at real restaurants). I think my coworkers would be afraid that they would then end up with no tip. This actually thought-provoking for me in my work context -- definitely something to think about with my coworkers!