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    New to College Net!

    created by Madieoos 125 days 13 hours 31 minutes ago

    Category: World

    New to College Net!

    Hey, guys, my name is Madison Miller and I have recently joined College Net! Just a fun fact about me I really love Harry Potter! What are some fun facts about you guys?

    Re: New to College Net!

    Hi Madison,

    Welcome to Cnet :)

    You'll definitely love it here!

    This sounds fun and I have a lot's of fun facts about me:

    1. I love Disney (Huge fan)
    2. My dream is to go to Disney world when I graduate college (That would be the best gift lol)
    3. I get extremely nervous around attractive guys
    4. I graduated High school on my Birthday
    5. I am extremely ticklish and I love being tickled
    6. I love hugging and giving affection
    7. I write sideways
    8. And many more lol

    It was a pleasure of meeting you and have a wonderful day!


    Re: New to College Net!


    Welcome to collegeNet!!

    I used to be a big fan of Harry potter too.

    Fun fact about me is I can multitask very easily. I can do about 10 things at the same time without problem.

    Have a nice day and again welcome!!! :)

    Re: New to College Net!

    Hi Madison,

    Welcome! A fun fact about me? I love to rock out in my car while driving!!
    Have a great night!

    Thanks for the forum,

    Re: New to College Net!

    Some fun facts about me are that I have memorized most of the monsters inc script, I’ve been playing soccer for 13 years, my high school won 2 state championships this year ( football and baseball ), I’m from a town where one of the bombs for Nagasaki was built, and I am neat freak. I used to play steal drums and then moved onto percussion Instruments, but Now I spend my time working at Jamba Juice as a team member! -Emily

    Re: New to College Net!

    Hi Madison, welcome to CNet!

    Fun fact: I actually have a close friend named Madison Miller who I met in marching band! She is also an avid Harry Potter fan who is thinking about optometry school. I thought she was you for a good minute and a half before realizing that she lives in a different location haha

    Thanks for the post! Have a nice day, and best of luck on CNet!