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    What is one of your current wishes?

    created by Wanderlust618 128 days 2 hours 1 minute ago

    Category: Arts

    What is one of your current wishes?

    Aloha CollegeNet,

    "Making a wish reconnects us with our sense of fun, spirit and childlike behavior. As adults we often forget how important the element of play is. We live lives defined by structure, routine and often follow strict guidelines and adhere to policies without much thought. While these hold their own importance, they can also take us away from the mindset of simply having fun.

    Making a wish allows you to think beyond standard goal setting practices and go deeper into desires, realms of impossibility, and mindsets that may shift your consciousness in powerful ways. In other words, when you make a wish, you're not restricting yourself. You're giving yourself full permission to take advantage of the universe and its limitless possibilities. You're saying, 'I can wish for ANYTHING' and you're not holding back.

    Wishes can also lead us to discover what we're really craving in our lives. They can get us to move outside of guided focus and intention and instead think in ways that get us in touch with long lost parts of ourselves. You may find that making wishes brings up elements of nostalgia, longing, old memories, or even missed opportunities. Try not to run from any discomfort and instead, dive deeper into what your wish might be trying to tell you on another level. This is where our subconscious mind gets a chance to be heard.

    Be bold with your wish and don't worry about it being plausible or realistic."
    - 100 Life Challenges, Sarah Steckler

    I invite you all to share a current wish of yours! I look forward to reading your wishes!


    Re: What is one of your current wishes?

    Hey Wanderer,

    I'm an adult and I still make wishes probably because I'm a huge Disney fan lol :)

    Ever since I was a child, I've always wanted to go to Disney world and I still want to go but after I graduate college because I'm not taking any breaks lol. I've watched many Disneyworld/land videos on YouTube and get so excited about seeing the Prince's, princesses, Disney characters, Rides, and the whole Disney Magical experience. If Mom would surprise me with a trip to Disney world, I'd be screaming on top of my lung and jumping around like a 5 year old.

    My Second wish is to finally meet my Prince. Ever since I was in High school, I've been teased about how I look and hated seeing my reflection in the mirror. I've always seen myself as this big hideous monster because no one wanted to sit with me in school or befriend me. For years, I've always found it impossible that a guy would ever want me but now I'm trying to believe that anything can be possible. I've never been asked about or had any boyfriend but I'm wishing that I get to finally meet my Prince like Cinderella, Tiana, Belle, Areal, Aurora, Snow White and all of the Princesses have done. Mine will finally come my way.

    Disney has really helped me cope with my depression and helped believed that dreams do come true.

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful forum and have a great day!


    Re: What is one of your current wishes?


    I wish to graduate from nursing school and pass my boards!!!

    Thanks and Have a great day!

    Re: What is one of your current wishes?

    Hi, my biggest wish right now is that my knee injury is minor and I can keep my summer job. My next wish would be to earn some more scholarships. Third would be to win the lottery.

    - W

    Re: What is one of your current wishes?

    I wish that Toothless was real and that he was my dragon. And I would fly him around the Islands and feed him fish and we would be best buddies forever. Also, we would light things on fire, because that's awesome, and he could walk on all the lava on big island because dude he's a dragon come on.

    Also, finding a new place to live would be nice, one with less weird old roomies and cockroaches but still a decent price...

    And to breath underwater! And when I fart a lot of money comes out.

    Re: What is one of your current wishes?


    Current wish is to finish the school. So tired of it.

    Have a good day

    Re: What is one of your current wishes?


    One of my current wishes is to get a Nursing job! So I can quit that one I have right now!



    Re: What is one of your current wishes?

    One of my current wishes is to be able to see my grandma one last time and tell her I love her. She unfortunately passed away this most recent April and I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. I guess my wish would be to have the knowledge of why people we love die and if we did something to deserve it.

    Re: What is one of your current wishes?

    Good luck everyone with their wishes!

    The biggest one right now for me is to pass the architectural licensing exams by the end of next year. 5 tests total! along with all of your wishes, please wish me luck! :)

    Re: What is one of your current wishes?

    Oh also, it'd be super groovy if I like accidently walked into a wall and konked my head and suddenly was a musical virtuoso. Sigh...hard work and practice is so much more....hard work and practice.

    Re: What is one of your current wishes?

    My wish is also to be done with school and to obtain a permanent job with the company I work for now! I am ready to be done and be able to focus more on my family and start planning family vacays!


    Re: What is one of your current wishes?


    Thank you all for sharing your wishes!

    Unique- I think that believing in the magic of the world is important even as we grow older. I love that you have found something that you are so passionate about and I hope your wish comes true soon and you get to go to Disney World! Most women at one time or another wish for their prince to come along and somehow they always do we just have to be patient and focus on ourselves in the meantime. I too believe that dreams do come true and I think it’s wonderful that Disney helped you through your depression.

    Nancy- I remember making those same wishes when I was in nursing school. With hard work and continued effort. I’m sure you’ll wish will most certainly come true! I wish you the best of luck in your nursing career! I’ve been a nurse for about 7 years and can attest that it is a truly wonderful and rewarding profession to be in. It’s given me great opportunities for work and I’ve had the chance to work in some truly awesome settings that I never imagined I would find myself in as a nurse!

    Wames- I hope your knee injury is not too serious and that your wish comes true about keeping your summer job! Don’t we all wish for more money :)

    TenkenNoKaiten- A dragon would be pretty awesome lol. I hope you find a better place to live that’s still affordable! I hope your musical talents take off too!

    Kamila- I hope your schooling is almost over. I know the feeling of being tired of school. It will end soon enough!

    Kendall- I hope you find an awesome new nursing job! The field of nursing is so diverse, I’m sure you will find something that is a better fit for at just the right time :)

    Emilyann- Sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing. It is hard to accept a death when we were unable to say our last goodbyes. I hope you find peace somehow with your grandmother’s passing.

    Princess Manapua- I wish you the best of luck with your 5 architectural licensing exams! I’m sure you have what it takes to pass!

    Morgan- Sounds like you have a good chance of your wish coming true. I hope you finish school soon and get the job that you want!

    Was great reading all your wishes!

    - Wanderer

    Re: What is one of your current wishes?


    One of my current wishes is to fly to Phoenix AZ to graduated at Grand Canyon University as this will be my first time flying in October