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    Android or Iphone?

    created by Lovelygirl23 197 days 8 hours 45 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Android or Iphone?

    Hello College Net,

    I currently have an android but I was thinking about switching over to an iPhone.
    Which do you guys prefer iPhone or Android and Why?

    I'll be happy to hear you guys opinion about!!

    Re: Android or Iphone?


    I always use apple products simply because of precedent. My first phone was an iPhone and I don't really see a reason to switch (all of my apps, music, etcetera).

    I think I like Apple products better anyways. Yes, Android phones come with more features, but I certainly don't feel like I am missing out on anything with an apple product. For me, as long as core functions of a phone work, I'm happy.

    Maybe I'll switch sooner or later, just for fun, but I don't really see an immediate reason to right now, so I'll stick to Apple!


    Re: Android or Iphone?

    Hi Christine,

    We have iphones in our family, and we are extremely pleased with them. My dad has had android and has not had good luck with them. Apple service is great, too, and I think sooner or later every phone will need some type of service.

    Good luck,


    Re: Android or Iphone?


    I have an android but I'd love to try an iPhone because I've heard many great things about them and I really love how nice their camera graphic is. Hope I get one soon.

    Thanks and have a great day!