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    Paint and Sip- Have you ever been to one?

    created by bluedolphin 171 days 17 hours 45 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Paint and Sip- Have you ever been to one?

    Hey everyone,

    Has anyone been to a "paint and sip"? Did you like it?

    I'm going to one soon and instead of "free hand painting" we will be doing "stenciling" on wood.

    The patterns are pretty cool and they look really professional.

    Part of the proceeds will go to support our "back pack" program at school which supplies food for our students who are in need.

    So how about you guys is this something you would do?

    Thanks for the forum!

    Have a good one!


    Re: Paint and Sip- Have you ever been to one?

    Hello Kathy ,

    I am going to one of those next month. It is actually a terrarium and sip. They give you little round vases and you get to make your own terrarium. I also plan to try out a sip and paint one day. I love the idea of making art and drinking wine. I do it at home all the time , but it is super fun going out and having fun in a social setting.

    I hope you have lots of fun. I am excited for mine as well!


    Re: Paint and Sip- Have you ever been to one?

    Hello Kathy!

    I went to one held by my college this semester, and it was surprisingly fun! It was a nice way to build community, and I love how everyone added their own twists to the painting we were doing. I usually don't like to practice art in such a public environment, but it was enjoyable, especially since everyone was saying how their painting sucked and at least three people would jump to reassure them. I'm hoping they do another one next semester, which is likely considering this one had such a high turnout!

    Hope everyone has a good day/night!

    Re: Paint and Sip- Have you ever been to one?


    Thanks for your reply to my forum :) I'm super impressed that you don't have any social media. That is definitely a safe route.

    I once went to a wine and painting bar, and it was super relaxing and fun! You could buy different types of wine glasses to paint, and you drank while painting them. It was right around Christmas time, so these glasses made perfect gifts. While I enjoyed myself, I'm not dying to go back. It's a fun, once-a-year kind of thing, in my opinion!

    XOXO Karly

    Re: Paint and Sip- Have you ever been to one?

    Hey Kathy!

    I have never been to one but I have always wanted to! My friend is going to one for her birthday and I am so jealous!

    I love painting and wine! The two together sounds like the perfect combo! Haha!

    Re: Paint and Sip- Have you ever been to one?

    Hi Kathy,
    I’m actually doing one of these events with some girlfriends next week. It should be a blast! I love doing crafts and drinking some wine in addition will make it even more enjoyable lol

    A lot of the decorations in my house are homemade and I’m really proud of that!


    Re: Paint and Sip- Have you ever been to one?

    HI Kathy,

    I love a good "paint and sip" and have been to a few. My favorite, so far, was the stenciled kind. I made a darling plaque for the front door with a chevron pattern and our last name. I also have a "free hand" one of winter/snowman. Hint,,,the "sip" part helps with creativity and worrying what your fellow painters think of your creation! ;)

    I am going to a different kind this summer when I go to visit my family. It is designing a yard or garden creation using old silverware, China, glass, etc.

    By the way, I love that some of the proceeds from your class went to your local "back pack" program. We have a similar one at the school where I work. We call it "kids pack",,,so very many children in need . It's a great way to provide a few snacks and easy meals for them!

    Have a great weekend,