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    What state do you live in?

    created by Unique_girl17 154 days ago

    Category: World

    What state do you live in?

    Hi Cnet,

    Happy Election day :)

    Today's Question is:

    What state do you live in? What is one thing you love about that state?One thing you hate about that state?


    I live in Florida and i really love how close the stores are to houses. Well, maybe in my city but i'm not sure about the rest of the cities in the state of Florida. Since i'm not sure about that, i will add that Florida is a beautiful state that has wonderful tourist attractions. I absolutely hate how hot it can be over the summer.

    How about you?

    Thanks and have a great day!


    Re: What state do you live in?

    Hey Unique!

    I live in Georgia and I really love how the city is becoming a very popular destination for movies! Also the stores being close to houses is another thing. Also I wanna mention that we have Publix because I had one of their sandwiches yesterday and I am so grateful we have Publix haha!

    One thing I absolutely hate is the weather. The humidity + showers in the Summer really suck.

    - Kyle

    Re: What state do you live in?

    Hello Unique x)

    I hope you are doing well !

    I live in Californis. It doesn't matter where you are it's not a bad place to live. I live about 20-40 mins from LA depending on traffic. I don't like the city that much. I stay in my subhurb. It has alot of stores and things to do. I often only go to LA for entertainment purposes.

    Thanks girl !


    Re: What state do you live in?


    I currently live in Oregon! I lived in Colorado for almost two years while I went to nursing school.

    I am a true Oregonian and love the green trees and diverse scenery here.

    Mountains, beach, desert you name it!!



    Re: What state do you live in?


    I live in Tennessee :)

    I love it here. Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

    Re: What state do you live in?

    Hi Unique!

    I live in North Carolina, for about 15 years now, and I love the variety here. There's the beach, huge cities an hour away sitting beside beautiful countrysides and rolling hills, and then there's the mountains! One things I do hate though, is that the weather makes no sense anymore. We used to have seasons, but those are now considered null and void after the 80 degree Christmas and the super long winters we've had.

    Hope y'all have a wonderful day!