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    Why do kids bully?

    created by Naytaylor85 155 days 18 hours 43 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Why do kids bully?

    Neomia Taylor

    Thank you for listen....

    Re: Why do kids bully?

    Hey Neomia,

    In my experience, kids bully because of their own insecurities. They need to externalize their shortcomings by making somebody else feel small. But at such a young age, you have to question what's going on in the household. Kids behave accordingly to things they absorb. And without full understanding of the concept of consequence, bullies are reckless with others' emotions.

    Side note, have to say that I love that you make it a point to talk to your child every day and that you don't settle for vague answers. I do believe a child's mind is mysterious and can be dangerous if they are left alone to dwell in their darkness. Conversation and expression is powerful. Thank you for sharing


    Re: Why do kids bully?

    Hi, I think some kids bully because they see it as fun and harmless at first; others bully because they have been bullied themselves, and still others bully because they are just mean and I believe are missing compassion or empathy. I do think social media has made the problem a lot worse and parents need to watch out for it and limit activity in young children.

    - W

    Re: Why do kids bully?

    I agree with cadootz that children often bully due to their own insecurities. If someone is feeling really down, they'd love nothing more than to drag others down to their own level of feeling down and worthless. Another reason I think that kids bully is because of the influence of their parents. Parents can display bullying towards each other and towards their children, and if children think that this is the norm, then they'll model this behavior at school and other places, including online. Parents can also justify bullying other children in the form of hatred towards a particular child for being of a certain group. If you look at the current political climate, there is hatred towards immigrants, and it doesn't help that we have a president, who is known for his bullying tactics on social media in the past against all kinds of people, including women, who just spews out his hatred for particular people, and now people think that's okay to do just because he says it, even though it's clear that it's not okay.

    I also agree that social media can play a part in bullying. I feel that kids often look up to people who don't deserve to be looked up to, and when kids start modeling particular behavior because they think the individual displaying it is "cool", then that becomes a problem, because these kids aren't thinking for themselves and are pretty much brainwashed into what's okay and what isn't.

    Re: Why do kids bully?

    Hi Neomia,
    This is a great question! My 2 year old daughter is currently being bullied by a 3 year old at daycare. The first day the 3 year old came back from some time away she says to my daughter "I don't like you" and "why are you trying to play with me?" She will take toys or books away from my daughter and always seems to have some nasty attitude. My daycare provider is very much on the same page as me and has zero tolerance for nasty behavior so I know that this is not something they are learning there or behavior that is promoted. In fact, the little girl spends a lot of time in time out whenever she is nasty to the other kids.

    That being said, I believe that this is behavior learned at home. She has made remarks about calling the cops on one of the kids so I am lead to believe that there may be some stuff that she is exposed to because I don't feel a 3 year old instinctively knows to "call the cops" on someone.

    I have a zero tolerance for bullying and I try and create an environment for my family that is loving and shows my children how to be kind and care for others.

    It absolutely breaks my heart thinking that someone is mean to my child so I pray that we can end this crap ASAP!


    Re: Why do kids bully?

    Kids bully for many reasons that actually have no justification. I think one of the biggest reasons is due to peer pressure and wanting a place to fit in. The perception of being one of the "cool kids" or "the popular kids" is where it starts and unfortunately a lot of time it ends with giving in to peer pressure and doing things one would normally not do if they were one on one with the person they were bullying.

    Re: Why do kids bully?

    In my opinion, kids bully based on their own insecurities. They want others to feel bad when they are hurt. I used to be bullied, and I found out why that person was bullying me. It was because he had his own problems and he didn't have a way to deal with them so he decided to take it out on someone else. I understood what he was going through because I went through the same thing. He just didn't know of anyone to talk to that would just listen and not yell at him.