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    No electric- What's your go to activity?

    created by bluedolphin 154 days 13 hours 47 minutes ago

    Category: World

    No electric- What's your go to activity?

    Hey everyone,

    Well there are terrible thunder showers in my area and the electric just went. The cable has been out for several hours already.

    So what is your go to activity when you don't have electric?

    I'm actually thinking of heading to bed early myself, but I may try to do some reading by candle light first.

    How about you guys?



    Re: No electric- What's your go to activity?

    Hi Kathy!

    Yesterday, my power went off three times! It was annoying at first, but then it was sort of comforting.
    Being without technology sort of helped with resting better, and helped with re-prioritizing everything I need to do. My go to activity was actually to read as well! (I was going to read RIGHT before the electricity went out, haha) Also, I decided to organize things in my room because I didn't have any devices to distract me.

    Stay safe!

    Re: No electric- What's your go to activity?

    Hey Kathy!

    Reading would probably be my house as well.. if I was with people, we would play cards or maybe a board game. It’s a rare opportunity that should be seized when there aren’t electronics around to distract.

    Re: No electric- What's your go to activity?


    My kids and I love to sleep when there is no electricity lol.

    Re: No electric- What's your go to activity?

    Hey Kathy!

    Sorry to hear this! I hate it when the power goes out. It always goes out when you least expected, and aren't prepared for it. Mine was out for 24 hours about a month ago and we weren't prepared. That was fun with a new baby! She didn't seem to mind it, but it sure did bother me- lol.

    At night time, I think going to bed is the best option. In the morning when we had light, we went through all of our stuff and prepared for a yard sale! It was fun to declutter. I like living a minimalist lifestyle, so when we end up with too much stuff it makes me feel good to downsize. It's a fun project to do if you can see :)

    I hope that your power is back on! I remember you saying this happened to you not too long ago and it was out for a while. Praying you don't have to deal with the outage too long!


    Re: No electric- What's your go to activity?

    Hey Hey!

    Id grab my acoustic guitar and jam for a bit. Hope your power came back!

    Re: No electric- What's your go to activity?

    Hi bluedolphin,

    I would probably play board games or read books. There’s so many books I have that I haven’t read. The power could go out for a month and I’d have more than enough stuff to keep entertained. If I was with friends I’d play board games!

    Thanks for the post!


    Re: No electric- What's your go to activity?

    Playing piano, anytime, any day.

    One time i went away to a cabin that my friend owns in a forest in Israel. There is no signal there (which is one reason I went there) and all I did was read, chill and play piano.

    It was truly one of the funnest experiences ever!


    Re: No electric- What's your go to activity?

    Hi, if the power goes out we like to play board games like Monopoly or Aggravation to chase away the boredom. We have also played Jenga or some poker to liven things up. Sometimes someone will read or play with the dog if the weather isn't too bad outside. One year we went out for a drive and explored the area as there were not many people on the road.

    - W

    Re: No electric- What's your go to activity?

    Well I actually have two lists of things to do when the power goes out. The first list is in regards to if it is in the middle of the day with light outside. When this happens I love to do my crafts. That is, make jewelry, hair-ties, bows, painting, and much more. I also love going outside and doing my painting which is relaxing because you have all the sounds of nature. Of course I only do this when it's light out and the weather is helpful by being nice.

    Now when the power goes out and it's night time, that's a huge difference. I usually go outside and look up to the sky. It's always relaxing to sit outside, breath, and just look up and sometimes close your eyes and again listen to the sounds of nature. Once again this is if the weather is nice. I also like to play music in the dark. When there's no power I love playing my guitar or keyboard. Luckily the keyboard is on battery so it'll last me a few hours.

    Re: No electric- What's your go to activity?

    Hey there,

    I would most likely play a board game or read by some candle lilght!

    ~Riley G. O'Brien

    Re: No electric- What's your go to activity?

    Hey Kathy,

    As long as there is still light out when there is an outage, I read books. Otherwise, I listen to music on my phone (as long as it's alive haha).

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie