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    Do you eat at MCDONALDS?

    created by animal lover 154 days 18 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: Politics

    Do you eat at MCDONALDS?

    Hello My CNET Friends !

    How are you doing today !!?

    Easy Forum Today !

    Do you eat at MCDONALDS ?

    What's your order ?

    I stopped eating at mcdonalds about a year ago. I never really enjoyed their food. I only like the breakfast items and French fries.I usually ordered Egg and cheese sausage mcgriddle with 2 hash browns. I actually craved it sometimes.

    Then ,I watched a video about how long it took for McDonald's food to rot and it changed my life.

    That video along with the fact that my car smelled like McDonald's for a week after I ate it once. Made me really dislike them. I also went vegetarian so the options for food at mcdonalds narrowed to French fries and apple pies. So , I just stopped going and giving them my money!

    What's your McDonald's experience ?


    Re: Do you eat at MCDONALDS?

    Hi Julia,

    I used to eat From McDonalds but i grew tired of their food because of all of the oil on their foods and how bad the food was after being stored for the next day. I literally almost choked on a french frie because it was so brittle and hard. Also, after eating their chicken nuggets and eggs from their big breakfast meal, I would feel nauseous. I don't know if it's because of the amount of oil or the things they put in their food. I guess i won't be eating from them anymore.

    When i used to go, i would order the big breakfast that consist of the pancakes, biscuits, eggs, sausage, and i'll also order chicken nuggets, mcChicken, hamburgers and many more on many days because i was a huge Mcdonald fan.

    Thanks a lot for the forum and have a great day!


    Re: Do you eat at MCDONALDS?


    I worked there for 10 years and i would eat it occasionally, but it is not good at all. Basically i ate so i don’t die lol

    Re: Do you eat at MCDONALDS?


    No, i used to as a kid but not anymore after we saw that awful video in class on how they make it. It’s so disgusting.

    Re: Do you eat at MCDONALDS?

    @Unique , wow you almost choked on a French Fry ! That sounds awful , that McDonald's was using old fries ! That would defenitly make me want to stop going !

    @Frh, 10 years is a long time at mcdonalds. I bet you know alot about the inner workings of that place.

    @Nancy , I saw a video called super size me and I was life changing as well !

    Thanks for commenting everyone !

    Re: Do you eat at MCDONALDS?


    Breakfast only....everything else just makes me....well does not seem appealing. I have heard that their salads are good, but I'll just stick to breakfast....and I LOVe their Diet Coke!

    Have a great night