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    created by Java 154 days 21 hours 59 minutes ago

    Category: Politics


    Hey cNET!

    Most of the time, when a president is who you do not agree with, you just say, "ok, I am not happy he won, but we'll give him a chance and see how he is".

    This presidency is unique in that the moment Trump was confirmed as president, the media began bashing him and trying to undermine and de-legitimize his presidency.

    Do you get tired of all the Trump-bashing in the media? Do you wish they would just let Trump do his thing without making such a big deal about everything?

    Or do you think the media is just doing what it should be doing? Should the media be even more hostile towards Trump?

    What is your opinion on all this? (I want to hear your opinion, but as always please remain respectful to those of all political views. Thanks!)


    Re: Trump-bashing

    Hi Java,

    The thing about this presidency, is that his policy changes are directly affecting people's lives, by the masses, in a negative way. Anyone is free to have their own political stances, but when it threatens the safety of a person's life and their rights, it's an act against humanity and not against a political party. That is what bothers me most.

    I guess the media tends to bash him because of his distasteful and unprofessional manner. A few examples would be when he began to mock a disabled reporter during his speech, or in his past, when he said that he could do anything to a beautiful woman as a star, and his line "grab them by the pu**y." He is not representing America well by being disrespectful and that is why the media will always have the impression of him being distasteful. What kind of person wants a president that belittles women, or immigrants, poc, disabled, etc in that way? It is just not the kind of behavior a president should entail, and he has attacked almost every marginalized group possible.

    Thanks for this forum,

    Re: Trump-bashing

    Hey Java :)

    People are probably gonna hate me for this but oh well XD. Personally, I feel like Trump is doing both good and bad, but he is the better option compared to Hillary. If Hillary had been in office, we would probably be in World War 3 right now. I do get tired of people bashing him, it gets kinda old. Knowing media, a lot of it is probably lies and influenced solely on personal preference. I have actually watched a lot of youtube videos where they were highly hypocritical either about Hillary or Trump and it was not really based on facts ( just personal opinions). Yes, some things he is doing are questionable, but others are keeping America on track. Trump can be blunt and disrespectful at times I agree. What America needs to do, is find a common balance with everything. People can be super super stubborn and sometimes thats good and sometimes its not.

    Have an awesome day everyone!


    Re: Trump-bashing


    I think we should all be supporting the president whether we liked him or not. He is in charge of the country we live in and people need to have amore positive out look on what he is doing as he wants the best for our country!

    This country needs more positivity!!



    Re: Trump-bashing

    Hey Hey!

    Good question. I have to disagree with the premise though. First, the "media" is not bashing Trump. That is a popular narrative that Trump loves to tout, but it is not true. Are there reporters in media outlets that bash Trump? Absolutely. No argument there. But, Trump equates bad press with media bashing and they are not equivalent things. For instance, an op-ed piece that criticizes Trump's decisions in which the author makes it a point to critique him and degrade his abilities to act as president is bashing. However, when an article comes out describing Trump's tendencies to sympathize with white nationalists or his lack of caring about Puerto Rico disaster relief or his pulling out of the Iran deal or pulling out of the Paris climate accords or any of the other things he has actually done, that is just reporting that can be described, from his point of view, as "bad press".
    Another reason the Trump vs media narrative is ridiculous is because the most viewed media outlet (cable news specifically) in America, for 15 years running is Fox News. Fox News is collectively a pro-Trump outlet. Yes, they do have some legitimate reporters but the shows on the network that gain the highest ratings ( Sean Hannity, formerly Bill O Reiley, Jeanine Pirro, Tucker Carlson etc) are all unabashedly and reliably Pro-Trump pundits. Also, the Sinclair broadcasting company is Pro-Trump which has been expanding very quickly in the last few years and features "must-runs" packages of Pro-Trump materials and has scripted anchors recently to lambaste other "dishonest" media outlets.
    My point is, whether you like Trump or not, he is lying when he says the media is against him. Reporting on consistent chaos and an inability to govern coherently is not an attack, because it is what is happening. Trump's presidency has not been de-legitimatized at all. It is being reported for what it is and their are plenty of media outlets out there that will not criticize him at all at any time. By the way, Trump went on Info Wars and endorsed Alex Jones during the election and thanked Alex Jones after the election for his support. If you don't know why that is a disgusting, wretched and vile thing to do then Google "Alex Jones Sandy Hook conspiracy" and prepare to vomit.