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    Room decorations?

    created by MadHatcher 214 days 5 hours 20 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Room decorations?

    Hey CNET!

    Congratulations to all the winners this week!

    What does your room look like? Do you have a lot of decorations, furniture, shelves or walls? Is your bed in the center of the bed or against the wall?

    I was thinking about the evolution of my room from a kid into adulthood and it’s changed quite a bit.

    Child things as a child, cool things as a teenager, posters and things as a high schooler, nothing in college and now, between my girlfriend and I, try to decorate nicely and more tastefully.

    What’s your room like?


    Re: Room decorations?

    Hey Cory!

    My room hasn't actually changed much since I was a kid.

    I've always had paintings of my grandmother's and nature posters on my wall. Now I also have artwork up that I've done (displaying it is the easiest way of storing it).

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: Room decorations?

    When I was a child, my room was a light pink color and I had Disney princesses in the form of wall stickers on my walls, as well as stars and moons, and for a time, I had the solar system stuck up on my ceiling in little discs that could glow in the dark, complete with glow in the dark stars as well. The one poster that I had hanging up was one for Lizzie McGuire. When we moved into the house, my room came with a large shelving unit attached to the wall, so when I was a kid, I turned it into my own little library with my massive collection of books. When I got older, I had my room painted light blue (I was getting tired of pink and wanted something calm and mature), and there was a time where I had a Twilight poster on my bedroom door, which turned to a poster from the Dark Knight Rises. I would have gotten a poster from the Dark Knight with the Joker, but I could never seem to get my hands on one because those particular posters sold like hotcakes before I could even get my mitts on one!

    Other than that, my room has changed bit by bit over the years. The shelving unit now serves as a little place for family pictures, with some of my favorite rocks and feathers and other little knickknacks arranged specially. I don't have any posters on the walls, just some nice pictures and a couple of Star Wars helmets that mount on the wall. My bedroom door doesn't have a poster anymore, and has since been painted white to fit with the color scheme of the hallway. Fun forum!

    Re: Room decorations?

    Hey Cory,

    I wouldn't say my room is overloaded with decorations, but my overall house is decorated nicely. It's funny because my upstairs tends to be more mature and more "adult" and then my basement is totally all of my child like stuff. Foosball table, styffed animals, etc.

    So I really view that my house has two different personalities! Lol