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    Reading these posts

    created by iKasey 187 days 14 hours 46 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Reading these posts

    Hi, Cnet!

    Hope you are having a great afternoon.... Do you read all the posts on Cnet each day?

    Yesterday I just got caught up in reading all the posts (and some I visited twice) that I realized that I had been reading these for over an hour! It is so easy to get caught up in all these interesting topics and what you all have to say, that I forget sometimes that I have other stuff I have to do. As a result, I did not realize that I did not do my last post (bummer) until I was in the middle of something else and couldn't get to it, plus I was afraid that I would be on for another hour!

    Do you read all the posts, or just the ones from the forums that you respond to?


    Re: Reading these posts

    Hi Kasey,

    Sometimes I get caught up when I am trying to find a forum to use my last post on. Otherwise, I just pick the ones that I can relate to since my days are pretty busy.


    Re: Reading these posts

    Hey Kasey!

    Like you, I sometimes spend way too much time on cNET reading forums. I don't read all the forums though! Most days, I try to just open the forums I am interested in and might respond to. I have other things I have to get done so usually I try to do my posts and get off cNET.

    Thanks for the forum!


    Re: Reading these posts


    I typically will go through some interesting forums and read the responses. I get annoyed when I read a cool forum after I've posted for the day. There are some forums that I just really want to respond do but due to the restrictions, I am unable to!



    Re: Reading these posts

    Hey Kasey,

    I've been waiting to answer your question to me from a previous post so here goes; My favorite coach on The Voice is now Kelly Clarkson. I wasn't sure what to think of her at first as he seemed to be "a bit much", but I'm really liking her now.

    This is a GREAT question as I believe we have all been "caught up" at times and would like to spend more time on CNET but just can't. I read all of the responses to my forums and try to read the initial posting of other forums that others have started and then read the responses to those that sound interesting to me.

    I really enjoy reading what others have to say and try my best to read as much as possible but like you said it can take up a bit of time. I also like to read profiles of individuals so that I get to know them a little better and will do that when I feel I have some extra time.

    Have a good one!


    Re: Reading these posts

    Hey Kasey,

    I usually just read the posts I intend to respond to, but often I'll get half-way done writing a repose and switch to another topic. I always try to read the comments on my own discussions. Some topics have really drawn me in and sent me deep into internet as I research what's being discussed.



    Re: Reading these posts


    Like everyone is saying, I typically read the posts that are interesting to me or I think it is something I can think of a response to. I also read the same peoples posts that I typically enjoy or respond to my posts! (like you :) )I try to go to the "newest Post" forums so that I am not just commenting on the popular ones!

    Good luck today!