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    created by cramergirl 187 days 15 hours 48 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment


    Hey CNet!

    Today is my Birthday!! I am 20 years-old! I lived my last day as a teenager yesterday!! My question to you is when is your birthday? What is the best birthday experience you have ever had? Do you make or buy gifts for birthdays? How do you feel about your birthday?


    I usually don't like my birthday very much! I tend to be very unlucky on my birthday, especially when it falls on Easter! Last year my birthday fell on Easter and my family got in a huge fight over a game of badminton (we are very competitive). My brother left our house and didn't speak to us for month because of it! It was very dramatic. A few years prior when I had another birthday on Easter, I had influenza and I had to watch all my sibling Easter egg hunt from the window. Two years ago, my dog died near my birthday and everyone was too upset to celebrate.

    Sometimes I feel like my birthday is cursed! I am hoping that this year I can break the cycle! This might finally be my year! The day has started off normal and I am hoping I can stay that way haha!

    I am sure my unfortunate past birthdays are just a coincidence! I am very thankful to be alive and I am happy that I have so many wonderful people in my life! :)

    Have a great day you guys! :)


    Re: Birthdays!!!!


    Happy birthday to you!!! I hope you have a wonderful day today and your wishes come true. :)

    My birhtday is in january 20. I really don’t celebrate. My family likes to celebrate is and they always throw a suprise party for me. Of course I do get many gifts. I don’t remember a really exciting birthday lol. I usually jist buy gifts either a gift card or something nice for others.

    Again happy birthday and enjoy your day to thw fullest :)

    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Hey Erin!

    Happy 20th! How do you feel knowing you are no longer a teenager? Is it bittersweet?

    The best birthday I ever had was my 22nd. My friends threw me a surprise party.

    I honestly hate birthdays. I have so many friends. I feel this need to buy them all gifts. I do my best to bargain. We all just take the person to lunch and split their bill equally. That way, each person only pays 10-15$ a piece, and the bday person receives a nice gift.

    I'd make more gifts, but I'm a painter. It would takes weeks for each gift.

    Hope you have good luck this year! You should do something you usually don't to break the cycle... like, have macaroons instead of cake??? They are delicious :)


    Re: Birthdays!!!!


    My birthday is next month and I'll be 18 FINALLY!!! For most birthday's my parents would take me shopping and we would go to whichever amusement park I wanted because I love roller coasters, which the best are at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I'm not sure what I want to do for my birthday this year, but I do know I want my first tattoo. I don't really go to other birthday parties and I don't buy gifts unless it's a good friend and then I'll just treat them to a lunch somewhere they like, but I also just got a job so getting gifts was an issue, my mom would just get gift certificates when I was a small child and going to someones birthday party.

    I wish you the best birthday today with no bad coincidences in sight..LOL!!!


    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Hey birthday girl!

    Welcome to some of the best/ most exciting years of your life!!

    My birthday is December 27th.
    I love making people gifts and not spending a whole lot of money on them and giving them something from the heart!

    Have the best day ever


    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Erin...happy birthday!

    Thanks for sharing. I sure hope for a great day for you, or at least not a terrible day. :(

    You will have to let us know if it was eventful.

    My best birthday so far that I remember was my 17th. A guy that really liked me stopped over with some donuts late morning, and then he took me to play Glo-Putt. (miniature golf in the dark in case you don't know what that is) Then we just drove around. It was low key but so much fun.


    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Hey Erin!

    Happy birthday! I hope your luck is better this year!

    My birthday is May 17 and I usually like my birthday because it starts to get sunny outside and it is near the end of school!

    My favorite birthday was in 8th grade when my family through a surprise birthday part for me! All my friends came and we played many games, it was a blast!

    Have a wonderful day!!


    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Happy Birthday Erin!

    Sorry for all your unfortunate birthdays! Hopefully this birthday will be better!

    Your stories are so sad, watching your siblings find Easter eggs without you and all. Then your brother being dramatic on your birthday too. My family can be dramatic sometimes too but usually they're dramatic on vacations and fortunately not on my birthday.

    I was born on August 28th!

    My birthday was so much fun growing up. I would always have big pinatas and junk. My best birthday was probably when I was 4 because I got a bike and this girl I really liked came to my birthday party. Too bad she was 8 or else things would have worked out.

    I hate to say this but my birthday was my favorite day of the year. As a result my family always made fun of me because I overemphasized the days around my birthday. They would say stuff like "happy birthday week" or "month", and just to be all the worse "happy birthday year" any time I didn't want to do something like my chores.

    I hope the birthday bad luck ends this year for you Erin!


    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Hey Erin,

    Happy Birthday!

    My birthday was on the 13th (yes, Friday the 13th), and I also turned 20. I know I'm still considered "young," but where has all the time gone?! My birthday has also fallen on Easter before, but I don't ever remember it being a bad day. Easter is special day for me, as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

    Birthdays for me are low-key, and celebrated with my family. No one birthday stands out, but they defiantly were more special when I was younger.

    I hope you have a fantastic day!


    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Happy Birthday! 20 is a great age.

    I love celebrating for a whole month. So one year I had dinner with friends several times during that month. That was probably my favorite birthday.

    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Hey Erin,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! How exciting to be 20!!! You have a life time of adventures ahead of you. I think the best part of my 20's was being young enough to do "all the crazy adventurous things" I wanted to but old enough to know which one's to avoid..LOL!

    I love the idea of a Birthday month and I have one sister who embraces that concept wholeheartedly. She doesn't hesitate to remind the rest of us that it is her Birthday month.

    I hope your Birthday this year has been FABULOUS! It sounds like you really DESERVE one!!

    I think my favorite Birthday was when I got to take a Viking Cruise and visit Switzerland, France, Germany and Amsterdam. It was very memorable.

    Looking forward to hearing how your Birthday went overall.


    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Happy Birthday! My birthday falls on September 21st, and I will be 22 this year. I've had so many wonderful birthdays that I can't name them all! I usually feel pretty good about my birthday, and I can double that if it lands on a Friday or on the weekend! I have a habit of either making or buying someone birthday gifts, depending on the person. Fun forum, and I hope you had a good day!

    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Erin! I hope your day was awesome and welcome to your twenties! I'm sure this is going to be a lucky, happy decade for you :)

    I turn 30 on the 26th so I'm almost exactly a decade older than you. Your twenties are filled with learning and growth. It's a pretty amazing decade.

    I usually get cards for people's birthday, and a gift depending on how close I am to a person. Birthdays are awesome because there's just a lot of kindness and excitement all around.

    Last year I spent my birthday in Whitehorse, Canada, in the Yukon territory. My husband and I drank beer all day and partied with the locals at night. We were on our way to Alaska. I remember being so hungover the next day that I had to stop the car multiple times to throw up in the desolate Yukon. We only made it to Tok the following day instead of Anchorage. It was rough but it was such a good time and a memorable experience.

    This year, my dad, grandma, and step mom are coming in town to celebrate, as well as a couple of other friends. We're going to have a relaxed cookout at our house. I have a new baby so we won't do anything crazy like last year. I just plan on spending it with great people! I'm excited for my thirties because going into this decade, I really know what's important to me, and that's huge.

    Thanks for the post! Hope you had a wonderful day and I wish you an exciting year ahead!

    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Happy Birthday Erin!!

    Congratulations on turning 20, I just turned 21 a few months ago. I have an early January birthday...and I HATE it! This was the first year that my birthday was actually celebrated and that's because I was of legal age to drink and my brother decided to get me hammered. Otherwise my birthday is always ignored because Christmas is so close to it, I had one year where my parents told me my Christmas presents we're gonna be split in half and I get the second half on my wtf??? Another year, I was told we weren't going to celebrate or even acknowledge my birthday because we were travelling to see my brother and my birthday would fall on a travel day.

    I'm hoping that once I actually get away from my parents my birthday can actually be a more normal type of birthday.


    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Hey Erin,

    Happy Belated birthday!! Hope all went well. My birthday is December 7th! I will be 19 this year! My best birthday experience I ever had was when I turned 13 I believe and I went airlift shooting with my friends and we had so much fun and eat and partied at my house it was very fun! Sometimes I switch it up I will make some gifts but most of the time I do buy. I love my birthday its near the end of the year and its fun because we are about to go on break right before my birthday and its the winter season!


    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Hello! Happy belated birthday!

    My birthday is January 9th. I haven't exactly had a bad birthday experience yet (knock on wood). Some years we go big and some years we just do something small. I think my favorite are the small gatherings with close friends and family.

    When it comes to gifts, I always love the small handmade and thoughtful gifts. I think those are the best.

    Re: Birthdays!!!!

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

    Frh- That is so nice that your family always throws surprise parties for you! They must really care about you! :) birthdays are always fun. I think everyone deserves one day to feel special right!?

    Bry- I love macaroons! I will definitely try that! Honestly it is weird being 20. I feel like I am older and younger at the same time I can't quite put my finger on it. I can see why you don't like birthdays! There is so much expectation and so many let downs. It is hard to keep up emotionally and financially.

    Thankful- YOU ARE SO CLOSE!! Welcome to adulthood! It is great in the worst way! You really learn what it means to be knocked down by life! It is great though. Life gets better. It gets bore challenging and involved. YOu can shape it in so many ways! Happy Early birthday!

    Kendall- I like making gifts too! They are more meaningful in my opinion. Also I know 3 other people with your same birthday!!!

    Kasey- That is so cute! Did you end up being with this guy? I love when people give me memories instead of gifts. :)

    Kamrin- Your birthday is coming up! I hope it is amazing! :) I am sure you are excited for the nice weather your birthday will surely bring!

    Jon- YES!!My siblings did the same thing! My birthday was really special to me growing up but my family teased me in to hating it! On't let yours do that to you! Celebrate the day God put you on this Earth!

    Nathan- Happy Birthday! You are three days older then me! That is cool that your birthday was on Friday the 13th. I hope it was awesome! :)

    fiveRose- I also love celebrating for a full month Treat yo' self! Haha!

    Kathy- Thank you! I hope it is great too! I think it will be if I get a Viking Cruise lol!

    Savann96- Thanks! I am glad that you enjoy your birthday! everyone deserves at least one day to feel special!

    Megan- That is awesome! it sounds like you have so many good memories and so many more to make! I cannot wait to see what my life will be like a decade from now!

    Britt- That sucks!I know how you feel. I have an Easter birthday and it always gets brushed under the rug. I am sorry you have to deal with that.

    CJ- I was 19 only a few days ago! Live it up! It is your last teen year!

    vnvopanda101- I agree with you! i like the small hand made gifts because they show effort and thought and I really appreciate that. All I want on my birthday is to feel special.

    Thanks again you guys! :)