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    Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?

    created by MorganP06 187 days 18 hours 22 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?

    Good morning, CNET!

    Does a Bachelor's degree hold the same value as it did in the past?

    My question is not ignoring the importance of education, rather asking if for your major or field of work, is a Master's degree or higher is now the preferred degree?

    I would say that throughout my experience, any jobs I am considering to apply for would prefer a Master's degree and at least 5 years of experience. It would appear that the employers I am applying for do not have the same value of a Bachelor's degree as I had originally anticipated.


    Re: Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?

    Hi Morgan,

    I am interested in the responses to this question as I have wondered the same thing. I have read articles to the effect of AA degrees being the old equivalent of a high school diploma, Bachelor's degrees being like an AA, and Master's degrees having the value of a Bachelor's. I have seen examples of this in job postings, but I think the majority in my field still require a minimum of a Bachelor's, sometimes in any field of study. It's frustrating reading job postings for jobs I would like to have once I complete my Bachelor's. The years of experience requirement is often what I think would be a bigger problem for me. How is anyone supposed to get years of experience when you need years of experience to get a job in the field? I realize internship is an option and some are paid but many are not. I also am not sure how many employers that list a Master's requirement are dead set on that or if they're describing their dream candidate that may be hard for them to find. I do see a lot that like a Bachelor's and years of experience and think there are plenty of employers depending on the field that will substitute experience for a Master's and some that stipulate they'd consider a candidate that is actively pursuing a certain degree even if they haven't finished. I can't begin to think how I would pay for a Master's, so I'm going to get my Bachelor's and try to get a job in that field then decide once I'm working in that field if the Master's is necessary.

    Re: Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?

    Hi Morgan,

    I certainly hope so! To some extent, I think experience tops a Master's degree. However, I am seeing fields getting more and more competitive and requiring higher degrees just to get your foot in the door. I certainly hope this trend reverses as it is not financially worth getting a Master's degree for a lot of these jobs.

    Good luck in your job search!

    Monica M.

    Re: Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?

    Hey Morgan!

    I have been wondering the same thing!!

    I want to get a bachelor’s degree because I want to know that I love what I am doing before I commit that much time to my degree. It is difficult though because it appears a bachelor’s degree is no longer impressive. I have figured that a few degrees are still valuable even if It is only a bachelor's. I think most engineering degrees and nursing are a safe bet. It is hard though because I don't know if that is where my passion lies.

    I am so stressed Morgan! I am so indecisive and I have already been in school for two years. How can I be so shaky on the path I want to take? If I somehow manage to graduate then it is likely that all the jobs I want will require me to go back to school for even longer! Maybe I should just quit and be a stripper! Haha!

    What is your degree? Are you considering going back for your masters?

    Thanks for letting me rant! I needed a little stress relief! :)


    Re: Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?


    Currently, I think it is still very important to have a bachelors! In my profession, nursing, by 2020, everyone must have a bachelors degree. They rarely higher people without one now. People who don't have a degree in nursing typically work in long term care and not usually in the hospital.

    Having a bachelors in nursing teaches you all of the extra things, like leadership, when you become a nurse. A lot of my teachers were pucshing me to get a masters or higher after my first degree!



    Re: Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?


    Erin, nursing degrees are very valuable right now! Like in many professions right now, the Baby Boomers are retiring, leaving a huge gap in the nursing field. Some rural places with a shortage of nurses are dealing out serious perks to attract nurses. Extra funding is being given to nursing programs in the state colleges in Wisconsin because of a need for many more nurses in the next few years.

    Like Kendall said, having your bachelor's is very important in nursing. Nurses who have their 2-year degree (or just an RN certification) are being sent back to school to get their bachelor's. That is why I am getting my bachelor's right off the bat.

    In general though, I am not sure whether a bachelor's is as valuable as it used to be. I think it still holds weight, although this seems to vary from field to field.

    Thanks for the forum!


    Re: Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?

    Hi Morgan!

    I personally think its quite the accomplishment to get a bachelor's degree, but I am also quite curious as to what employers think.

    I want to be a city planner and there is pretty much no way I could become one unless I get a master's degree. Fortunately the grad school I'm looking at lets me choose any degree accredited from a regional university. My major I'm currently enrolled in is focused at planning fortunately, but it is a relief to know I could be an art major or an engineer or literally any other major as long as I get a bachelor's. ASU's logic seems to point out that they value the credentials of having a bachelor's, regardless of the content.

    I really hope a bachelor's is worth it to employers in the end, and I think if you hold value in your bachelor's degree then it is worth something regardless of what others think. It seems like more often these days employers look for honest, dependable, communicative, hard working people, qualities that are personally discovered and no amount of paper could give you.

    Good luck pursuing your dreams!


    Re: Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?

    I'm a social work major, and it's kind of hard to say. Many of my classmates are stopping at the bachelor's degree level and hoping to find work, and I'm sure that they can, as a couple are out of town and one or two come from out of state. However, getting a master's degree seems to be more valuable, which is why some of us are going to graduate school for that. A master's degree opens more doors for us, and sometimes that means that we'll have more job opportunities than someone with a bachelor's degree. I also hear that if you have a master's, you'll get paid more as well. Some jobs just want a bachelor's, but I'm still going for my master's degree.

    Re: Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?

    Hey Morgan,

    I have been out of the job hunt for a couple of years doing my ow thing, so I'm not really sure. I think a lot depends on the degree you have. For example, I have an Industrial Engineering Bachelor's Degree, and because it's a little more specialized, I think the degree holds it's value more than something more generic. However, every role that I've ever been in has pushed for a Master's degree. If it wasn't an entry level role, the jobs that I have applied for in the past have always said "bachelor's required, master's preferred." As soon as I started with my first engineering job out of school, I was told if I wanted to move up in operations to get my MBA. That's the main reason that I got my Master's degree.

    I don't think my education was worth the debt that I'm in now. At thirty, I struggle to make my monthly loan payments. I don't even work in my field anymore because there was no work/life balance. It was a great experience, but I would definitely teach younger me a lot of lessons if I had the opportunity to go back in time!

    Thanks for the forum! I enjoyed reading all of the responses.

    Re: Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?

    Hey Hey!

    It sure seems like the Bachelor's degree does not have the same worth it used to, say 10 years ago. Its also hard to say though because depending on what your major was the degree has more or less weight. I think For example, a Bachelor's in Chemistry is much more valuable than a Bachelor's in Psychology (I am a Psych major and its just true). I also think though that college degrees in general are being too emphasized when it comes to outweighing real experience and serving as a rationale for someone not being qualified to advance (bc they do not have a degree although they have a lot of relevant experience).

    Re: Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?

    Hi Morgan

    I believe a bachelors degree is valuable. I'm finding out the hard way right now. I have been in mgmt for over 10 years and I only have a AAS . I have just recently found out that my job is being eliminated and will be unemployed at the end of he month. I have been applying to different positions with my AAS and a great deal of experience and I'm finding that the recruiters are passing me over due to my credentials are on a Associates level. Even thought i have a great deal of experience they are requiring at least a bachelors degree. I am about 5 classes short of earning my undergrad and am finding I should have finished along time ago. So to answer your question YES they are very valuable in this job market today

    Re: Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?

    Hi Morgan,

    I would say that a bachelors degree us not as valuable as it once was because so many people are going to college for their masters degree to make even more money. My major I will be studying is engineeringand most people are heading to college for masters because it has become so competitive.

    Thanks and Good Luck!

    Re: Is a Bachelor's Degree Valuable Anymore?

    Hi, this post has a lot of good discussion. Personally, I believe we have put too much emphasis on a bachelor degree over the last 10 years; whereas, young people have rushed into college without a true decision on what degree that they have wanted to earn a career in or sadly too many getting a degree that does not provide good job prospects after they have graduated. That is one reason why I have decided to pursue a vocational degree, which will give me an Associate degree and then I might go on to further education as a bachelor degree or as a specialized certificate. My parents have noted that too many kids are graduating college with degrees that they are not able to find jobs with, such as; Communication or anthropology degrees. College is very expensive to come out without a good paying job.

    - W