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    Could You speak a Foreign Language?

    created by Unique_girl17 189 days 18 hours 43 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Could You speak a Foreign Language?

    Hi Collegenet,

    Hope you all are starting of this week very smoothly :)

    My question for today is, Do you know how to speak another language or do you only know how to speak English?

    What languages would you like to speak?


    I could speak Haitian Creole because I'm Haitian but I'd love to learn French and Spanish. I've always had an interest in learning these languages and love learning about other people's cultures so I can connect with them. I think its important to know many languages because it opens lots of employment opportunities for you and you get to meet amazing people from around the world.

    How about you?

    - Unique

    Re: Could You speak a Foreign Language?


    I speak spanish. I was born in the states, but my parents would speak to me in Spanish as I was growing up. I am really not very good at writing in Spanish but I can talk fluently. It's great to know how to speak a second language. I wish I could learn more languages. It would be very useful wile traveling to other Countries in the world. I took french classes while in high school but have forgotten everything that I learned. It was a while ago lol.

    Have a nice day :)

    Re: Could You speak a Foreign Language?


    I can speak/read/write basic Hebrew but I am not fluent in any language besides English. I really wish I would be fluent in another language because I think it would be easier to learn additional languages if I knew more than one.

    Monica M.

    Re: Could You speak a Foreign Language?

    Hey there!

    My best friend moved to Brazil in January and I am visiting in June, so I'm learning Portuguese! Its been about three months and I'm feeling good about understanding by using the app called duolingo. If youre thinking about learning a language I totally recommend it!

    Re: Could You speak a Foreign Language?


    Thank you for your reply to my forum :)

    To answer your question, I speak uzbek. I am from Uzbekistan. I grew up in the states though. I moved here when I was a child. But I am very interested in learning arabic. I have been to Dubai, russia and other countries but I fell in love with the arabic language.

    Have a nice evening!

    Re: Could You speak a Foreign Language?

    Hey Unique

    That’s cool.

    I can only speak English. Oddly though Ebonics (African American language) is also a language. Someone who hasnt grown up speaking it may understand it for the most part but they will not be able to speak it. I am proficient in Ebonics.

    I can understand Spanish but I can’t speak it.

    Re: Could You speak a Foreign Language?

    Hey Hey!

    Could I speak a foreign language? Absolutely. Would anyone understand me? Absolutely not. But it sure would be foreign to anyone who tried to decipher it though.