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    Do you have weather that flips around?

    created by Savann96 187 days 22 hours 52 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Do you have weather that flips around?

    Here in Michigan, not too long ago, we had weather that was a glorious 70 degree day with blue skies and sunshine. Now we have 30 degree weather, with yesterday being a mess of snow and rain. It's really irritating, especially since this is April and everyone is looking forward to warmer weather. I know it'll warm up soon, but I'm kind of getting tired of wearing sweaters and bulky clothes to stay warm.

    So what's the weather like in your area? Do you have weather that has drastic changes, or are you lucky in knowing that the weather doesn't change much over the course of a few days? Have a good day!

    Re: Do you have weather that flips around?


    ugh! weather is the worst topic to talk about where I live. I live in western NY and it really feels like this is a never-ending winter. It is gloomy every single day and we even had an ice storm over the weekend!!
    We may have gotten one 60 degree day a few weeks ago, but for the most part it has been gloomy and in the 30's.

    I can't wait for summer....


    Re: Do you have weather that flips around?


    We also had 70-degree weather in New Hampshire last week. Today is cold with rain and snow. Everything is so icy and gross! Some schools were even delayed or canceled.

    Have a good day.

    Re: Do you have weather that flips around?


    I just went through that storm too. We had been seeing grassy patches all over the place, now everything is covered in 2+ feet of snow. It's frustrating....

    Let's hope winter stops here, because this warm up just to get dumped on again is really screwing with everybody.


    Re: Do you have weather that flips around?

    Good morning Savann,

    Good grief, same here in my place! Two days ago, we literally were enjoying summer (it was like 70s outside). Everyone was so active: we all went outside and play sports or hang out with friends. And then all of the sudden the temperature dropped so rapidly overnight to 30 degrees yesterday. I was clueless and speechless lol. The weather has got to stop playing April Fools on us!

    Thanks for reading, and I hope the weather will be better for all of us soon,

    Have a wonderful day!

    - Kevin -

    Re: Do you have weather that flips around?


    I’m in the same area as Jessica and I have learned to have no expectations for weather. Days in February have been 50° and everyone thinks we have an early spring, now 30° in April and winter really hasn’t ended since November.

    I am not one to complain about the whether but I certainly am getting anxious about not having too much sun or warm sunny days since last year. One day, the temperature will suddenly be 70°, but no one knows when the day will ever come. Usually at this time of year I am spending a lot of time outside. Not this year!

    Have a great day!


    Re: Do you have weather that flips around?

    Hi Savann96,

    The weather here in Montana is like a roller coaster too! Today started out warm and temperatures got close to 70 degrees and sunny. Then now its only in the 50's and it looks like it will rain. We've had so many snowstorms this April and our mountains are still gaining snow pack. I'm also ready for more stable warmer weather, but you just never know here. Everyone teases here that there are only two seasons winter and August. This year has been unusually cold too. Usually the trees are budding and the grass is a shiny green carpet, but this year it seems like we are a few weeks to a month behind schedule.

    I hope everyone can just enjoy spring!

    Have an exceptional day!


    Re: Do you have weather that flips around?


    Lately, it has been the same over here in Cali. We had a hot sunny weekend with cold breezes in the evening. Today it is cold and windy. It is in the mid 60's right now. Yes that is cold for us Cali people.

    -Jessica (:

    Re: Do you have weather that flips around?

    hi savann96!

    South Texas is probably the most unpredictable when it comes to weather! I remember back in December we had snow(which is extremely rare!) and then the following day we had bright sunshine and hot weather! It was crazy! Each week has a surprise for us south texans!

    Re: Do you have weather that flips around?

    We have had very flippy weather. Warm and cold; dry and wet! I don't mind the weather. I like it all.

    Re: Do you have weather that flips around?

    Hey Savann,

    Definitely. It's kind of annoying when it changes from sunny to scraping the windows in a single day, but I guess I should appreciate having any nice days at all. I always forget to check the weather, so I don't plan my clothing very well. We get a lot of rain in Western Washington too, always on and off.