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    What do you guys think about music festivals?

    created by creativealex 188 days 6 hours 58 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What do you guys think about music festivals?

    Hi Everyone!
    I personally am an avid fan of going to concerts. It truly keeps me sane and gives me the initiative to keep going in life knowing that my next show is only a few days/months away!

    Coachella is currently happening right now. What do you guys personally think about music festivals like Coachella? Do you think their a waste of money to spend $100-1000 on a 1-3 day festival? Is it overrated and over exaggerated by celebrities and social media "influencers"? Also, is there any other festivals that are probably better in your opinion? (that are also cheaper, lol)

    Hope you all have a great day!


    Re: What do you guys think about music festivals?

    I used to go to tiny, independent music festivals when I was in high school. Last year, I went to EDC. I thought it would be fun for old time sake, and I was sorely mistaken! It’s just not my scene anymore. I love live music but I would rather see one show at a time.

    Re: What do you guys think about music festivals?

    Hi, I have never been to a musical festival, but I think it would be fun to go to one someday. I know a lot of people who go to the Oregon Country festival every summer; where they camp for a few days, listen to music and spend time together. It is really hot there during that time, so it is nice to have access to a pool or the river when you are tired of the music and heat. I can't imagine spending $1,000 for a festival, but we do want to get a house boat one of these days and they are really expensive too. The trouble with waiting until you have enough money, is sometimes you never do. Have fun.

    - W

    Re: What do you guys think about music festivals?

    Hey Alex,
    Like you, I also love going to concerts, but I've never been to a music festival par say. To me, I think the biggest issue I would have with it, is just the amount of people. I don't think I could fully enjoy it because there's so many people, it'd always feel crowded and I don't think I would get the same experience. I really have no desire to go to something like Coachella because it seems like a hype show. Now, I'd love to see some of the people that perform at Coachella, but I would rather just see them in a single concert.


    Re: What do you guys think about music festivals?

    Hey Alex,

    I prefer festivals to concerts actually. I see concerts as a waste of money because all the ones I've gone to have cost more than a ticket for a 2-3 day festival when you break it down into cost per day. I get to see way more bands and spend more time with my friends. I'm going to a festival on the other side of my state next month, it's the second time I've gone, but it's going to be awesome!! I can't wait!!


    Re: What do you guys think about music festivals?


    I think music festivals are really cool. I have never to one myself but I think that if you can go to one, definitely because I"m pretty sure its an experience. I get nervous being in a crowd after the whole Vegas shooting but then again, you live your life in constant fear.

    Re: What do you guys think about music festivals?

    Hi Alex!

    I have been to numerous indoor festivals and one outdoor one and I have loved them both! The ones I go to feature Christian artists and they are really a blast! In fact, my parents and my boyfriend and I are going to one at an amusement park in June and the cost is reasonable considering it includes the rides at the park all day. Can't wait!

    Thanks for the forum!


    Re: What do you guys think about music festivals?

    Hello Alex!

    I love going to concerts, but I have never been to a festival. Not only are individual concerts cheaper, but I feel like I wouldn’t enjoy myself as much. I wouldn’t particularly know most of the acts in the festival, so listening to the music probably wouldn’t be as enjoyable.

    The main reason I haven’t been to a festival is because There aren’t too many, if any, at my city. Maybe I’ll travel to one sooner or later!

    Have a great day!