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    Candy or fruit

    created by Policy Maker 188 days 8 hours 56 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Candy or fruit

    Hey guys

    When you want a snack, do you prefer candy or fruit? What kind?

    Re: Candy or fruit


    I really love fruits. I think it's a healthier choice to make. My favorite go to fruit is mangoes or kiwis. Full of rich vitamins. We have them every night before going to sleep. I enjoy cutting them up for my children and they love eating fruits with me. Sometimes we add other fruits as well depending on what we get during the week end.

    As far as candy, I don't really enjoy eating candy. I have never been a big fan because of tooth problems. It gives me cavities quickly and I try to get rid of candy because I have 4 kids in the house who I already can't control because of all the energy they got lol.

    Thanks and have a wonderful evening!

    Re: Candy or fruit

    Hey Policy Maker!

    I prefer fruit 99% of the time!

    The only time I would prefer candy over fruit is if my choices were an Aero chocolate bar and an apple haha! But other then that, I love fruit! Fruit is basically candy! My friends use to tease me because I call fruit "natures candy".

    My favorite fruits are mangoes and bananas! I could eat them for every meal! I also love candy because I have a huge sweet tooth! My favorite candy is anything chocolate!

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: Candy or fruit

    Hey Policy Maker,

    I enjoy eating fruits too. My favorite fruit snack is a mixture of any fruit basically. I buy a lot of fruit salads during lunch time. I am trying to be as healthy as possible by getting a lot of fiber into my diet. And fruits are very rich in fiber. I have fruits throughout the day basically. I will have an apple in the morning for breakfast then in the afternoon like I said I will eat a salad that contains a lot of fruits. During the evening I try to get my little boy to eat healthy as well so I will either cut up more apples or pineapples because those are his favorite. But the entire family ends up eating it all haha. It's really great snack to have when there isn't anything to eat. Its both healthy and if fills you up quickly. I care a lot about getting in vitamins as well. I don't like to take any vitamin pills so this fruit eating schedule helps me and my family get a lot of vitamins.

    Thank you,
    Have a lovely evening!

    Re: Candy or fruit


    I love fruit! I can eat a carton of raspberries or blueberries so easily! I love all fruit pineapple, melons, tropical fruit you name it! It is also sweet like candy but it is much more nutritional!



    Re: Candy or fruit

    Hi Policy Maker!

    I have always liked candy more than fruit because the taste is just so much more deep to me. But since I have been on a diet to stay awake from all that candy and junk I have been eating a lot of fruit and it has helped cleared my face and I am proud of that.


    Re: Candy or fruit

    I try to be healthy and stick with fruit, but if I'm stressed or need a bit of a pick me up, then I'm going for that candy! I usually might have a Jolly Rancher or two for candy, and if it's chocolate, then I'm fine with Crunch or a Milky Way. For fruit, I'd have an apple or banana, or maybe even an orange.

    Re: Candy or fruit

    I prefer BOTH. There are days that I crave fruit (cold fruit) and then there are days where I crave nothing but chocolate. I think both are really good. My favorite fruits would have to be mangos. They are just so flavorful and taste really great when they are cold. My favorite candy's are pretty much anything that has chocolate in it.

    Re: Candy or fruit

    Good Monday!

    When I want to snack I prefer fruit or even dried fruit. I like pineapples, red seedless grapes, watermelon and honeydew melons....Don't get me wrong I love candy too, but I'm an athlete so I have to stick with the healthy as much as I can, I do have my weak moments thou!LOL

    Also early congrats to your upcoming graduation next year from college. May all your hard work pay off!

    Have a blessed day!!!


    Re: Candy or fruit

    Hi Policy Maker!

    I really like both but I would probably enjoy candy slightly more. I like fruit as a snack because its good for you and makes you feel healthy, but I have a sweet tooth and that tends to override my decisions sometimes.

    My favorite candies are laffy taffy, skittles, and almost anything fruity!


    Re: Candy or fruit

    Hey everyone

    Thanks for responding to my post. Normally I would respond to everyone individually but this a straight forward question with many responses.

    I’ve learned through my studies and life experiences/ observations that lower class kids tend to want candy more than upper class kids. Fruit is more expensive and it spoils quick so there is not much in the average low class household.

    Although I played sports I still ate candy and unhealthy food more than fruits and healthy foods. My coach tried to stop me until he realized that candy was actually fuel for me. I was the only girl who could eat skittles before a basketball game.

    It depends on my mood and what’s available for me to choose. My favorite fruit is strawberries with sugar. Then cuties. Then apples. I recently started liking apples when I realized my teeth wouldn’t fall out. I had really sensitive teeth as a kid.

    Re: Candy or fruit

    Hi Policy Maker!
    i wish i could say that I enjoy fruit more than candy but sadly it is my guilty pleasure! I love chocolate the most. My favorite is Hershey's! Although i do enjoy fruit, i will most likely pick chocolate over fruit any day...