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    Do you have buyers remorse?

    created by cramergirl 188 days 9 hours 50 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Do you have buyers remorse?

    Hey CNet!

    Do you have buyer’s remorse? Do you struggle to buy yourself things?

    I have huge buyer’s remorse except when it comes to food. I can drop $60 dollars in a meal, but I cannot but a $15-dollar T-shirt. I cannot buy anything for myself without rethinking my choice! I only don't regret it if I absolutely love what I got. That doesn't happen very often!

    I love spoiling other people, but I cannot spoil myself! I grew up in a very money conscious family, so maybe that is why I doubt every purchase I make. I feel guilty every time I treat myself.

    Have a good day! :)


    Re: Do you have buyers remorse?

    Hey Erin!

    I also have buyers remorse pretty often and I think that's just because I've always saved my money. I'm very conscious of menu prices, clothing prices, the price of entertainment etc. but I've been trying to change that! I don't think it is healthy to worry about the price of things so much if you know you can actually afford it and you don't have to do the math.

    It's better to just relax and have fun, but instead of doing everything by instance based, go out with an idea of how much money you are going to let yourself spend, then buy whatever you want within your means.

    I usually have a comfortable spending zone for food and clothinl, but when I'm feeling uneasy about a purchase I ask myself if it will be worth it; do I like it that much, can I use it in more ways than one, am I going to be in a great mood after I do this, am I going to remember this experience? If the answer is yes to any one of these then I go ahead and buy it.

    But I also make sure to get a receipt too ;)


    Re: Do you have buyers remorse?


    This is so true for me!! I have anxiety about spending money and usually only buy things on sale or dirt cheap already. My boyfriend buys most things for us and that helps me to enjoy spending money a little more.

    I am definitely a saver!



    Re: Do you have buyers remorse?

    Haha E!

    I feel the same way, especially with food! It doesn't make me guilty to drop a lot of money on food but I feel guilty too when I have to drop money on clothing or anything but food, even though i'll wear the clothes for as long as I can.

    I would agree you spoil people, I assume all this based on what you write! But I think it shows your selflessness in wanting to spend your hard earned money on your friends and family. How sweet of you!


    Re: Do you have buyers remorse?

    I am extremely cheap, so I have buyers remorse on every purchase.

    Ok, maybe not every purchase, but I definitely end up regretting my purchases when I compromise for something that sort of gets the job done but is also a lot cheaper than the thing I actually need.

    In short, I have learned that being cheap more expensive items usually bites me later on because they are of far lesser quality.


    Re: Do you have buyers remorse?

    Hey Erin!

    I do get buyer's remorse.

    Unfortunately, I spend more money on food than on clothes (going out to eat). It drives my fiancé nuts. Thing is.. I do it because if I spend it on anything else... I get buyer's remorse.

    I feel fine spending my money on other people... but I feel bad if it is on myself! For some reason I can justify food.


    Re: Do you have buyers remorse?


    Yes, I have buyer's remorse. I hesitate so much in buying things for myself, but not for my son. It drives my husband insane. Every time I get something for myself at the store and he see's me looking at it, he tells me to stop think about it and just buy it. I end up leaving it and he just gets mad.

    I have been getting better at it though.


    Re: Do you have buyers remorse?

    Hey You guys!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my topic! I really appreciate it! :)

    Jessica- YES!! I am the same way!! I grew up in a very money conscious family and so I have always been a very conscious saver. I don't like it. I think money is important, and you shouldn't be too frivolous with it, but you should allow yourself to indulge every once in a while. After all, you earned it and what is the point of making money if you can't use it? I really like your question system! I usually get a second opinion, but I still regret it later. I think the choice needs to come from within. If not, then you will always have some form of regret! That is why your system is so nice! :) You can help yourself decide!

    Kendall- My boyfriend is the same! He is good with his money, but he spends a lot more than me! he also makes a lot more then I do He always says, "It is just money, I can just go make more." and I think that is cool. He knows how to work hard but he also knows how to spoil himself and others and I really admire that.

    Jon- Thanks Jon! That is nice f you to say! I appreciate it! :) Family and friends will always be more important than money. The people in my life are the most precious things in the world to me. I would be completely lost without them.

    I think can spend so much money on food because I know I need it. I know I must eat food, but I know I don't need clothes. Maybe that is why it is so easy for me to spend a lot on food?!?

    Bobby- Yes! My dad makes that mistake a lot. He will but the off-brand earl or peanut butter and even though he may have saved a few dollars compared to the brand name kind, He wasted the money it took to buy it because it never gets eaten! My mom always tells him to always buy the good peanut butter and cereal especial. My siblings and I are so fussy about them! He will never learn though! Haha!

    Bree-I am the same way Bree! Food is a basic need so maybe that is my justification? I am not sure, but I need to become organized! I spend way too much on going out to eat! I need to learn how to be save in the food department but be more generous in others!

    Jessica- I have a rule that if I will walk away and if I think about it all the next day, I am willing to go back, and it is still there, then I will buy it. It seems to work well for me; however, there have been a few times that I have gone back and my beloved it was gone! Then the regret sets in!